An Overview of the Canada's Demography and Geography

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Canada is a very young country in comparison to the rest of the world because it has been a country for less than 150 years, although it was founded much earlier. Canada is quite similar to the United States in the fact that the British developed it, along with the battles put forth by the French to take over the two countries. Canada, is a bilingual country, speaking both French and English. Canada is also influenced by the United States in many ways because it is the world’s longest unprotected border.

Canada however is also very different in many ways, which can create a problem for any person planning to do business there. The fact is that Canadians expect the business people coming into Canada from the U.S. will know a little bit about their neighbors to the north, such as the provinces, the prime minister, the fact that it is a British commonwealth country still, and that there is no such language as American just English.

Canadians seem to be very friendly to strangers in the western half and a little less friendly in the east. This could be large because the west is very spacious and many places isolated so helping each other and deeply rooted values allow them to make strangers feel at home and the east is much more populated so the town pride is less individualized and so is the wiliness to help strangers. This is very important to observe when looking at traveling to a region.

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In a business situation, both names are often used in an introduction as well as where they are from and what they are doing there, but a boss should be called Mr., Miss, or Mrs. Still. When being introduced both parties usually stand and then you should wait to be invited to sit, to sit down. Time is fairly loose ended, you are expected to be on time but if you have a reason you will likely be able to still get fit in, it is not something that should be made into a habit because that is a valid reason for them to end business with someone. Subjects that should not be touched upon unless this is the nature of your businessaree: Americans wanting Canadian water to create powering California, it is a sour point for Canadians because it is their resource and there has been no attempt to provide retribution, the soft lumber dispute should be avoided because the fact is that Canadians are mad over the situations.

The seat of honor at a table is the head of the table, and most will not eat food with their hands in public unless it is finger food, which will not be ordered at a business meeting by most Canadians. They have a very high reputation throughout the world and they do their best to keep that reputation in good standing by living up to it. Most business meetings that happen in a social or eating atmosphere will likely take place at a well-lit, quiet place or a quiet lounge if it is after hours. Canadians will make sure that the visitor will feel comfortable in their surroundings before trying to conduct any business, which makes the talking go smooth according to most people that do business in Canada.

As in every country around the world, the political structure affects the markets and business of the country, but Canada seems to be in a sound political situation international. However, there is much turmoil within Canada over the government because the majority of the population comes from the east and this leaves the west relatively unrepresented because each constancy is made up of close to the same amount of people and then the party with the most seats becomes Prime minister. Canada is very proud of its military past having the largest English population that never surrendered or withdrew during any war to anyone, anywhere, and although the military is very under-represented by its numbers now it is still a point of pride for Canadians.

Canadians take pride in their individuality. Canada is unique for many reasons other than the stereotypical beer, hockey, and bacon. It is a multicultural nation- a blend of a variety of different traditions, ethnicity, and customs-that, in itself, is a distinctive environment. Religion is practiced at will and although there are only Christian holidays celebrated as national holidays all other religions are allowed to take holidays off for their religions; religions the very as far as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Muslims.

Education is very important in Canada it is much more demanding in Canada than in the United States, a high school graduate will have in his grade 10, 11, and 12 years at least two math classes just to graduate with many more needed to enter college, at least six English classes, four sciences and many classes in a second language at most school. Resources that are produced in Canada are lumber, oil, coal, potash, uranium, fish, and commercial hunting. There are a wide variety of businesses some of them are long lines of the family; some are co-op leaderships, and also companies that are run by larger companies. With the type of management deciding which kind of decision-making process is regularly taken into account.

Canada is a tremendous place for Americans to do business because it is so accessible, and NAFTA is in place to enable trade. It is the many similarities to the U.S. as well as the differences that make Canada the kind of partner that can be used very effectively as well as efficiently, but it is needed to be remembered that we know very little about Canada and it has shown time and time again, in fact, this was sho,wn in a beer commercial showing how Canadians feel about things said to them by Americans: “Hey, I’m not a lumberjack or a fur trader.

And I don’t live in an igloo, eat blubber, or own a dogsled.

And I don’t know Jimmy, Sally or Suzy from Canada, although I’m certain they’re nice.

I have a Prime Minister, not a President.

I speak English and French, NOT American, and I pronounce it ‘ABOUT’, NOT ‘A BOOT’.

I can proudly sew my country’s flag on my backpack. I believe in peacekeeping, NOT policing. DIVERSITY, NOT assimilation, AND THAT THE BEAVER IS A TRULY PROUD AND NOBLE ANIMAL.

A TOQUE IS A HAT, A CHESTERFIELD IS A COUCH, AND IT IS PRONOUNCED ‘ZED NOT ‘ZEE’, ‘ZED’!!!!” So with this in mind show your intelligence and do not ask them if they know the guy you met in Texas named Jimmy.

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