An Essay on Street Art

Topics: Street Art

Street artists are on the rise around the world, many people see don’t believe that street artists aren’t artists, but people that just go out and make a total mess of the walls and just make graffiti rather than real artwork. However, I believe that the difference between graffiti and art is that one makes very vulgar remarks about other people in a very gang-related way. While the others make people think, this also allows the general public to have something interesting to look at while they are going about their everyday lives.

It also portrays various meanings, depending on who views the piece of art. Some people will have different interpretations than others, but the only person that will know the true meaning of the artwork is the person that made it, the artist.

One artist that I have recently just learned about is well-known street artist Banksy. He is widely known for various pieces that are pictured around the world, but mainly in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Though there is one piece in particular that I deem interesting and that is the piece called “Color Rain”. In color rain, Banksy paints different colors of rain or paint streaks falling, while a black and white painted man holding an umbrella walks with a very stern look. Also pictured is a little girl celebrating the colorful rain, she’s standing arms open and tongue out to the sky, enjoying the rain. This picture can be interpreted in various ways, throughout the length of this paper.

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I will investigate the different ways to interpret this piece.

Banksy has so many intentions for painting the things that he does, most of the time he does art to make a public statement about issues that the general public and himself see as something that needs to be fixed. Or he paints to change oothers’mmoodsabout their daily lives and/or their lives alone. He advocates to spread joy and world peace. Though in this painting there seem to be a lot of different interpretations that I can come up with. To name a few things; he could be painting about making people’s lives more colorful, maybe he wants to show how much the younger generation and the older people don’t see eye to eye, and lastly he may, want to show how much people don’t believe in homosexual relationships. As you can see there are so many different conclusions that we can come up with about this piece, and there may be a lot more. It just depends on who is trying to interpret it.

This piece of art I can relate tootospecially when I came up with the idea that the piece of art portrays how some people need to make their lives more colorful. I strive to live my day-to-day life as colorful as I possibly can. I don’t want to seem like the creepy happy student that always wants to hug every single person I see. I just want to be the happy, jolly person that people want to hang out with. Also, another way that this painting can relate to me is that I do not see eye to eye with the older people in my family. Only because I was probably raised in a different time era that caused so many different uproars. And when new things are introduced to the public at times I see it as a great advantage, while the older people in my family see it as a curse that is going to wipe out the whole world.

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