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By: Nnamdi Anige In the book We beat the street Dr. Hunt, Dr, Jenkins and, Dr, Davis show how you do not have to get caught up in everything your friends do. When you do make mistakes, learn from those mistakes. These 3 doctors beat the hood, stealing, and jail in their neighborhood by staying positive. One thing they show in the book is how they beat the hood. For example “Quit throwin bottles in the street, man” (21). This shows how they would not let their neighborhood be destroyed and say that do not have a good neighborhood but they were ones making it bad.

Also they did things that were bad but, they did not do it again.

They were scared so they decide not to do it anymore. For example “We gonna jack us some ICEE’s from Jack’s” (31). They did a bad thing by trying to steal the ICEE’s from Jack’s but they learned from it and did not do it again. The 3 men also blocked another stint in jail by not doing the same thing or hanging with the bad people who got them in the whole situation. For example “Never again; I will not going to waste my life this way” (121). He is showing his determination not to go back to jail.

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He knows what he did and he knows how to learn from what he did. We all know that you’re supposed to learn from your mistakes and not to get caught up in what everybody else does.

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We sometimes forget this advice but we still choose to do these things that we regret. It helps when you do not do those things we regret again like the 3 doctors in the book. You too can beat the hood, the game, anything as long as you stay positive.

Work Citation Davis, Sampson, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt. We Beat the Street. New York: Puffin, 2005.

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We Beat The Street Essay
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