An Analysis of the Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors That Can Cause Injuries

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During routine sporting and exercises, injuries are prone to happen in the process. The injuries are classified into two major categories depending on the cause and the factors that lead to the injury. These categories are the extrinsic and intrinsic factors that result in injuries.

The intrinsic factors are the aspects that one can manipulate and prevent the occurrence of an injury while extrinsic factors are aspects that an individual does not have control over and they result in injuries during sports.

The intrinsic factors comprise nutrition, joint laxity and flexibility, age, weight and size, and the fitness levels of an individual. On the other hand, extrinsic factors are dependent on coaching, environmental factors, incorrect techniques, safety hazard,s and wrong equipment or clothing. These factors should be considered duringsportst activities and exercises because they can potentially cause injuries.

Intrinsic factors

On flexibility, injuries can resfromt in from over-stretching muscles during exercise or when an individual tries to perform an exercise that requires muscles that are used to it and those that are not too compact.

Nutrition can also cause injury in the manner when one does not feed well; they lack the energy to perform exercises and sports which may result in mistakes when doing intensive sports. Lifting heavy weights for example requires one to feed well failure to which injuries may arise when trying to perform an intensive job with less energy (

The fitness levels of an individual are also determinants of the possibility of injury in a sport.

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Low fitness levels mean that an individual will get fatigued faster which increases the chances of injury if the person persists with the sport or the exercise. It is important to note that fatigue levels are directly related to the chances of making mistakes (Coachwise

As an individual gets older, the chances of injuries also escalate. This is associated with the strength of the bones. Young people have stronger bones and bodies that can withstand more pressure, unlike aged people who can get a serious injury from less pressure during a sport or exercise (

Size and weight are also intrinsic factors that may result in injuries during sports or injuries. This is because weighty people have a lot of pressure already on their muscles and organs which limits the time they can handle an exercise and a sport as well. Weighty people also fatigue faster because small moves generate a lot of force within their bodies (Shamus 2001).

Extrinsic factors

Coaching during sports and exercise is vital when it is done by a professional who knows about the sport or the exercise. Professional coaches provide quality lessons and techniques to their mentees. Coaches with little or no knowledge are more likely to misguide the mentees and possibly lead to injuries during the sport due to the use of improper techniquThe use

The use of incorrect techniques is serious and can result in severe injuries as well as chronic injuries (Gill 2004).

Environmental factors can also result in injuries in the sense that, if an individual is used to training on a sunny ground for a particular sport and it happens to rain during a competition, the individual is highly susceptible to injuries from either falls or poor vision that may result to use of improper techniques in a sport leading to injuries (Flegel 2008).

Improper clothing for a sport or exercise can also lead to injuries because the muscle movements are either restrained or let free (Dalgleish 2001). Such clothing like high heel shoes during a rigorous sport could lead to serious injuries and even fractures. Protective clothing ensures that the chances of injuries are minimal but when they are abused, it can also result in injuries. Equipment used for a certain sport should also be checked to ensure that injuries are avoided in a sport. These factors should all be considered to ensure that the expectations of certain sports are met with no injuries (Anderson 2003).


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