An Analysis of A Man For All Seasons in Robert Bolt

In Robert Bolt s, A man for all seasons, Sir Thomas More did not die in vain. He stayed true to himself. More achieved in the end because he did t let death worry him. His last words illustrate this His will not refuse the one who is so blithe to go (pg. 99). More understood that he was in line with his beliefs. More fought for what he believed in and refused to be molded into something that he wasn’t.

He knew that by dying, he would be proving a point to the public and let it be known that Cromwell had set him up.

By More dying, he proved a point to himself and the public. That he was honorable and not going to succumb to the deceitful thinking of Cromwell and the King. I have not disobeyed my sovereign. I truly believe no man in England is safer than myself. (pg. 40)

This demonstrates the fact that More knew what he was on about and was t going to go against his beliefs for the sake of living.

More strongly believed in the church and the Head of the Church, the Pope. He sustained in doing what you feel right in your heart, not what people tell you. More knew that if he stayed alive, it would have been sufferable, living in jail for the rest of his life, with no job and little sight of the family. He did what he thought was right. I do not harm, I say none harm, I think none harm.

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And if this be not enough to keep a man alive, in good faith I long not to live (pg. 97)

When More died it sent a message to the public that the Kin was wrong in what he was doing. As More died in front of a lot of people, it certainly showed to the public that it was honorable and he put his point across in a clear way. but because I would not bend to the marriage (pg. 78) More is simply stating that he would t agree with the King for the clear intention of staying alive.

More knew that Cromwell had set him up, yet had no way of proving it and knew that no one would believe him. Cromwell was hunting More for his beliefs, not actions. People s greed justified that they could go after More to get what they wanted. An example of this Machiavellian principle is Richard Rich. He helped to kill More, he even lied under oath, all it gets what he wanted. As More said to Cromwell, In matters of conscience, the loyal subject is more bounden to be loyal to his conscience than to any other thing. (pg. 92) This suggests that More believed in what he was saying and it didnt matters what Cromwell was saying, More simply dismissed it.

More died for the fact that he would not succumb to the beliefs of the public and the monarchy. He stayed true to himself and this is the most important factor in life. If you are denying yourself to order to get something or somewhere, you are cheating yourself.

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