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The following sample essay on review Among enemies by Georg M. Oswald.  Georg M. Oswald’s new crime drama “The Departed” is set in Munich – and draws all white and blue expectations quickly the shoes. For the Bavarian “cosmopolitan city with heart” go in this novel not only Weiwurscht-comfort and Bussi-Bussi glitterati from, but law and morality the same time.

Markus Diller and Erich boilers are the two plainclothes police officers who are sitting in the BMW (well, at least that …) and observe a safe house.

Here in the Westend district are 50% of residents foreigners, and thus are not about Prussia (or even francs) meant but as the “Arabs” that over there cavort under a basketball hoop. As Diller briefly leaves the car, it draws its partners abandoned towards the guy. For Chief Inspector boiler is highly addicted to drugs and urgently needs new material (and thus is not meant wheat beer). Although no Bavaria, the guys have but a sound knowledge of human nature: vertickern dope to a cop? Definitely not! then they should leave.

But boiler need is great, it pulls the weapon, he gains his bags, returns back to the car – and let’s get out. The huge “pit bull” who threatens him with his baseball bat, he rolled over, without touching the brake pedal …

That’s it then probably for the two long-time friends and colleagues: the end of the career. Here Diller has just able to afford a row house and his son Luis logged on to an expensive private school.

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And boiler is only recently back on duty, allegedly clean with perfect blood test

But the next morning the world looks surprisingly quite different: Munich shines – and thus is the opposite. the spell meant to Thomas Mann once banished in this formulation. At night, pent-up anger had discharged, have suffered like other cities in the world: first the ghetto went up in flames, barricades were erected, the riots widened further, in downtown classy shops were looted. Officials and border back on to become the state of emergency sir.

As are Diller and boiler so for the time being out of the firing line. The former does business as usual ; he has security measures for taking place in a few days security conference of the G8 countries organize. Especially at Munich Airport, a man was arrested by the Pakistani intelligence service had announced as a terrorist. Now he sits in Stadelheim, and Diller has to clarify his true identity.

Kessel reports, meanwhile sick. Caught in a tangled mass of extortion and shady deals, he will always sucked deeper into the abyss, commits a crime after another. Fortunately, the reader is now biased and indulgent, knowing that if the boiler goes down, even with Diller down would prefer, and the desire to truly no harm. he finally have enough other problems at home

The unequal pair investigators still is someone in the neck, which they suspected and the truth comes very close. Didem Osmanoglu, the flagship prosecutor of Turkish origin. But the events rush until after a cold threaded action at the end of all boilers on hair-raising way comes out as a hero from the story – which in turn has a very special flavor, and thus is not merely Bavarian Speziwirtschaft meant

. the author Georg M. Oswald, a real Münchner Kindl of the vintage 1963, lives and works (as a lawyer) in his hometown. In his latest crime, he shows us the shabbiest pages of “Italy nördlichster city”: entire neighborhoods that have cleared the locals to them, to let migrants antisocial gangs; Foci where livelihoods with drugs and extortion are earned and where law and order are foreign words. Since requires only a small spark to a conflagration trigger as we know it from television, for example, from Paris. Such a scenario developed Oswald very cool, very sober, very convincing and far from any pre-Alpine Heimattümelei: Here falls not only Bavarian vocabulary. And the Ermittlerduo Diller and boilers, which, if it must be, service regulations and laws flouted differs pleasantly from the Blödel ends local commissioners from several German novel regions

Finally a really good German crime -. No high literature, but the best entertainment and excitement with level.

This book I have

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