Among All The Beds Is Rest Of Auerbach / Keller Review

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Victor Hauser is hardcore permanent residents on the island of Werder allotment. Now he is looking for a trustworthy person that takes care of his house because he finally wants to realize his dream: a journey through Italy with his campers. His daughter Karin asks for her longtime friend Pippa, who has just returned after separating from her hot-blooded Leo from Florence. You come the offer, for on the arbor is the right place to finally finish her translation of a text on the grebes in undisturbed tranquility; in their good-hearted family right in the Berlin neighborhood that would be an impossibility.

And so the corpulent Pippa will soon be ready to go – in brightly colored clothes, with Titian red hair under one of its manifold headgear.

Nante, the ferryman, puts on his “Rieke”. At the pier you will greeted by a Empfangskommittee. Although it duzt immediately, but Peace Joy pancakes she seems not to be expected here. Soon she is warned of “dirt-Lutz” Erdmann, who inhabited the fanciest property.

With investors in the back, he wants to realize a big project: an eco-spa and gimmicks. But first he has to do it every single islanders tasty that he sold his plot, and in the heat of this brazen battles he scares even not shrink from extortion

Now have Auerbach & amp. Keller but want to write a murder mystery – and indeed, soon we have four dead bodies. Police, forensics, undercover agents flood the island. However, this case will not be solved without Pippa’s observations.

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In loose-fuzzy language style, enriched with Berlin dialect, the authors have tried to create, traditional types. All this motley heap know everything of all, because you indeed lives quite nearby. But holla, so that you did not expect: Many a Laubenpieper has a skeleton in the (nonexistent) Keller …

A relaxing, harmless summer thriller for all ages read geeignet- quickly forget.

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Among All The Beds Is Rest Of Auerbach / Keller Review
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