The Better Person By Georg Haderer Review

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After a long rehabilitation Shepherd, has taken his 42 years the youngest major in the Vienna criminal police his service again. Although he is not yet in outpatient therapeutic treatment, but the new psychotropic drugs that optimize its dopamine and serotonin levels, have a positive effect on him, and he is fully motivated.

The warning his colleagues, the crime scene to enter, he dismisses tersely that he was no longer a rookie after 20 years of dealing with violent crimes. But the stench in the apartment puts him, the sight of the corpse drives him outside, and its snack comes him up again.

What he saw? A headless torso, showered with acid – more is not left over from the man who was called Hermann Born, formerly chairman was and briefly Minister of an estimated national party; a rabble-rouser, racist and anti-Semite with “noble” thought of his old SS times.

Where should Shepherd and his team, his theater company with ideal candidate for every job start, because this man had more enemies than friends ? Forensic, forensics, archival research, interviewing the neighbors, his last call (Who can be the number assigned?), Strange withdrawals (always around two thousand euros just before Frauenborn alone traveled to the summer cottage).

on Borns laptop encounters Shepherd to harmless porn film. So the old Aryan stood corpulent fifty years of African women, and an escort service earned him the Edelnutten into the house. Comes the perpetrator from the underworld? This promises to be a tough case.

In between, has the team looking after the murder of a truck driver, like the normal everyday police work the way it goes.

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Only is broken when one day in Erwin Schröcks Villa, a swank digs and traces are found of phosphoric acid seems to point all at the same perpetrator. The investment banker Schrock, a yuppie with Schleck hairstyle held – as Born – shares in a company, and the two were in business relations.

Then Shepherd is being called by a small Turkish boy that his sister stabbed in the. Flat lying and his father, and it was … on this new crime scene loses Shepherd now but his nerves: he demolished furniture and mirrors out of sheer hatred of “these fucking Anatolian donkey driver” (p 96) his “worthless” daughter has eliminated … So one must outburst of course – even if probably the drugs are responsible – will not be tolerated, it could be but hyped up a political issue. And therefore can shepherd supervisor Colonel Kamp put him to Salzburg, far off the beaten.

But this is where everything comes together. The crimes of National Socialism, whose perpetrators are already in the final phase of extinction, throw still their shadows across the land like Nosferatu’s long fingers, and here Shepherd will solve the case. The author Georg Haderer is unrecognizable. Whether he Schaefer pilfered a few pills? He entertains us in the best possible in a natural, light, logically coherent narrative flow, spiced with ironic to sarcastic venom splashes and wonderfully quirky compare (example: Having children is to try as unimaginable as in the tavern fried tarantulas for Shepherd …).

We readers are always on par with Shepherd and his team. The morning meetings keep us up to date, and just like the team we wonder what will become the fifteen-year-old DNS has to look for a man who has been dead at a crime scene … Are we at first somewhat unnerved that it not quite Moving ahead, we can later not read fast enough, scan the pages to find out what and why all this has happened. An intelligent thriller!


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The Better Person By Georg Haderer Review
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