‘All The Bright Places’ written by Jennifer Niven is a novel about

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‘All The Bright Places’ written by Jennifer Niven is a novel about sadness, loss and love where a boy, Theodore Finch, helps Violet Markey find a will to live, while he has trouble keeping himself alive as well. Last year I had a friend who kept everyone at school happy almost die from an overdose. This incident made me realize, how close death is in our everyday lives, and, unlike a fictional character, we cannot resurrect and complete our journey of life.

Being close to losing some of the major people in my life has made me scared to let go of people and even more scared of letting them into my life.

In this novel there is not much of a pro and antagonist type of situation, there is one but it’s not like other books where it’s person versus person, this time it’s person versus his own thoughts. Finch has severe depression and suicidal thoughts, his thoughts are very tough on him at times in the book but he uses his friend Violet Markey to help him stay a float.

Being asked to make connections to society from my novel was quite an easy job, some of the issues in my book that I will be connecting to society are suicide, family issues, dealing with death, highschool pressures, ect. The first connection is teen suicide, there are on average 129 suicides a day, in my novel the main character Finch commits suicide at the end of the book.

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Finch had saved his friend Violet from suicide at the beginning of the book but sadly couldn’t save himself. Dealing with death correlates to suicide, in the novel Violet has to deal with her sisters death, where she and her sister were driving and swerved off the road and her sister died and Violet didn’t and she has to deal with Finch’s suicide. Family issues is something very common now in society, only a couple of my friends still have both parents living together or their parents are still married, there is also a lot of not talked about or hidden abuse in families, one of my best friends fathers was abusive for a long time towards her and her family and she didn’t tell anyone till she was older and he had left. High school pressures is something 99% of students go through, weather it’s to be popular, have a body like someone else, not be different and to do drugs, drink, ect. there are so many pressures in high school and Finch was constantly judged at his school because of his mental illnesses.

These objects (referencing my time capsule) are all representing something in my novel. The first thing is a paint chip, in my novel after Finch has a mental breakdown he paints his entire room blue, including his ceiling. Another object is a sticky note, Finch had a wall full of sticky notes in his closet, all with different quotes, facts, ect. on them that only Violet and himself have seen and read.

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‘All The Bright Places’ written by Jennifer Niven is a novel about
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