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Bright Lights, Big City is an interesting novel describing the urban life of New York in the 1980s filled with materialism, young people with high ambitions and lure for enjoying parties and nightlife. It is acclaimed to be one of the best novels written in English in 2nd person. The plot of the novel is revolves around a young man who moved along with his wife from Oklahoma to New York to pursue his dreams and make a fortune. During the day, he works as a fact checker for a magazine publishing company while in the night he is a cocaine addict party goer.

His wife, Amanda deserted him in the pursuit of her modeling career and went to Europe and then one day all of a sudden he came to know from her that she is leaving him for good for another man that can fulfill her career ambitions. She was quite ambitious and desirous to achieve her modelling career milestones due to her overnight success that literally made her to leave his husband.

However, her husband kept himself hopeful of her returning back into his life got extremely obsessed and sick due to her absence and the vacuum she created in his life.In the beginning, somehow he tries to live with the reality that she is ultimately gone from her life but his obsession with her kept him optimistic that she would return one day. As time flies by, he got increasing extremely obsessed with her wife’s belongings, photos, and the clubs she used to visit regularly.

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He often used to visit and stare at the mannequin based on her and even tried to search her at a fashion event. As his personal obsessions, habits and partying went on the increase, he suddenly realized that they are adversely affecting his personal life and work as well. And then one day, he realized that his wife was not really worth of the amount of love and obsession that he had for her. He managed to live the reality that she is no more a part of her life and her existence does not carry any value for him. He also got bore…

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