All People Have Equal Rights and Freedom No Matter What Colour, Sex, Religion

You know that thing where all people have equal rights and freedom no matter what colour, sex, religion, etc. Yeah well that doesn’t really apply to us, blacks. Well it’s another chilly night here in Detroit, I grab my grilled cheese down with me to watch some cartoon as I take a bite in my sandwich, I could can smell all the cancerous cigarettes as the wind breezes. Just don’t why people do it, Detroit isn’t a very pleasant area to live especially when you are black, it gets pretty dangerous out here.

It wasn’t just yesterday that I had to say bye to my neighbour due to him being robbed for the third time. The back door creaked it’s my brother, unfortunately James is caught up with bad business. He didn’t have a choice it was like he was born to do it. I wish I could help but what can I do, I’m just regular sixteen-year-old boy named Denzel.

Monday morning it’s that day of the week again, I got up and picked out an outfit for the day. I head down to the pantry grabbed something to eat and left the house. I meet up with Tyrell at the corner store, me and him are really good friends we go way back. We walk together to school, there is always the same cop on the way to school that stop by and have a quick chat. It must be hard for him being the first black cop in our area but its good to see a positive change here.

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For most, school is just another day to get through but for me I see it as a pathway to something great. First class is English my favourite, just take a look at Martin Luther such a great spokesperson that uses words to his power. Here in my school life is tough for us, we need to sit separately from the whites because apparently, we are too “violent” and “distracting”. We aren’t even allowed to contribute in class and have our voice heard. But I don’t let that distract me, I need to keep on getting my education.

On the way home I saw a poster taped on a tree, it’s a black rights protest. This is great finally we can have our freedom; it’s starts today at 5:00pm meet at the local hall. Tyrell meets at my house at around 4:30pm, we grab somethings and head out. On the way there we see more and more people getting out of their houses and coming along, this is great. Is it really going to be the day that we earn the rights we deserve? as I’m walking on pathway to the inside of the hall. I see a white male across the street, staring right into my soul and I could nearly recognize a cross with a blood drop on his shirt but can’t get my head around what is it.

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All People Have Equal Rights and Freedom No Matter What Colour, Sex, Religion
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