The Black Lives Matter’s Fight For Human Rights in America

In today’s world, there are many social movements that help people to overcome their problems. Do black lives matter or do all lives matter? Black lives matter one of the most influential activism movements in 21st century. That was a question among many debates and across America also. Police brutality was amongst the African Americans was not new for them, as cops start shooting the young Africans. This movement was started the time young unarmed boy named Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin was seventeen years old man killed by white neighborhood watchman named Zimmerman.

Michael Brown was also a young black boy killed by white police officer Darren Wilson at 2014 in august. It was the time when protest and celebration of black lives had been taken place.

The violence promoted by killing the African Americans due to the race and converts into a social problem. This aims to their thoughts and political interference in the society of America that black people are targeted without any cause.

This leads to the goal of the Black liberation movement. Most of the people during the movement stated that it is not just about black lives, all lives matter and plays equal importance in society. Moreover, by the summer of 2014, the movement had developed into a network of constitutional organizations that represented the 30 American cities and 4 countries outside of America. The protests had been started in New York city, Oakland, California and Chicago at a large scale. The Black lives movement is an organization which raised due to inequality in race, Colorblind racism in criminal justice reform and the relationship between that ‘All Lives Matter’ and ‘Black Lives matter’.

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Because there is a certain amount of gap between both the population as white has high value than black people in society. This essay is going to focus on the Black Lives Movement in the United States.

Race recognition or awareness is one that differentiates between two individuals due to physical characteristics basically because of colour. There are race theories that can clearly defined the concept. When the first time European explorers came to America and they were introduced to people due to their different looked as compared to themselves and they raise a to question them if they were of the same species or not. In America, the racial classification started with the birth to slavery. The race was also being defined from both the perspectives of social and historical. “Each of the racial cluster and its importance were currently being determined by a mixture of social, economic, and political forces”.

Racial formation is a theory that was developed by Michael Omi and Howard Winant, there main focus was race as a social construct. This theory asserts that what makes up a racial division and the importance of each racial division is based on a combination of social, economic, and political forces at a time. A major part of racial formation is offering social content and qualities to biological factors that were not significant. Moreover, most people started making assumptions that color may tell the personality traits of one individual. The black people wants the fundamental rules guaranteed by the government for the racism they being faced. Furthermore, both communities the black and white are same at social status but the white people are ruling as they obtain the place in upper class.

Colorblind racism has had a powerful effect on the criminal justice system. It is the systematic problem and also had numerous effects on various levels of the criminal justice reform. In addition, running the system under a “Colorblind” society in which race doesn’t play a significant role while writing policies and taking judicial decisions, the criminal justice system has a major disparity when it comes to the number of black communities was being affected. In the criminal justice system, race matters Race. Furthermore, black people are one who are in highest ration then the white is 8 to 1 for going to prison.

To elaborate, this basically means that black individuals are eight times more as compared to go to prison than a white person. If there are three black men present then one of them will go to prison in lifetime but on another hand only one out of every eighteen white men present will go to prison. These all the measures of the black lives movement and people joined for their rights from the government. Police officers had lot of responsibility in the criminal justice system. Police had judgment over the people who comes in influence with the reform and prosecutors have discretion over what charges are going pursued. In United Stated the police use the factor of race while the formulation of decisions. “In 2011, there have been 685,724 stop-and-frisks that was conducted by the New York Police Department that was local department and between June 2005 and 2008, eighty-fifth percentage of the stop-and-frisks were on black people with only very less of 8% were on white people”.

The Black Lives Matter Movement approached to different levels for making positive changes in surrounding in order to make changes in the criminal justice reform. The All lives matter was the counter-movement for the Black Lives Matter because there are some who started the movement that all lives equally matter. Usually most of the social movements have a counter-movement that always works across them and tries to shut them down. The Black Lives Matter Movement had a criticism that there is need to move beyond protests if they want to take advantage of public and going to make a change in society. Moreover, The Black Lives Matter Movement is an objective for the outcome of the racial oppression that was founded in the United.

The movement had the potential to grow into the “broad-based social movement and the one that emulate in size, depth, and determinate the movement that was left unfinished that was earlier begun in the 1960s.  Social media had become the big approach for people to create awareness among other African Americans about the racism and discrimination they are being gone through.  The Black lives matter Hashtag was created by the three woman’s who started sharing it to other and people in America started believing that it could become effective through social media to change in their life. Every society needs a change in their way of thinking and understanding. The black lives matter movement also wants a change like civil disobedience, legal laws and challenges. This movement caused the civil disobedience and that means the movement was gaining attention from media, politician as well as from society also.

The Black lives movement was born on Twitter by Patrice Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi created the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter to express particularly about their grief for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman’s. It is the movement to fight against some sort of racism and it is also a new civil rights movement. In United Stated the racism was experienced at the local level. Through this they want to change their country from color-blindness to colour consciousness. Black Lives Matter was popular on twitter and other social sites also. The main objective of Black Lives Matter movement was to fight against color-blind racism and make a significant change in the system and structure in the United States because they behave with black people like they are not living or does not exist for them. Furthermore, another important suspect was to educate the people or community about their rights and colour-blind racism and overthink about their opinion and most necessarily they need support from public to obtain their aim that Black lives equally matter as white. But still there are people and societies where black people are being discriminated for their colour.


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