Computers have both advantages and disadvantages. This is a complete point by point essay in which we will read all the advantages and disadvantages of a computer, mainly in the field of technology and education. But before we move on to the advantages and disadvantages of a computer, we will read a little definition.

The word computer comes from the Latin word “computare”, which means to compute or programmable machine. A computer is an electronic device that receives information and processes its various commands in a software product and gives us a result.

The result is based on information provided by users. It is used to automatically execute arbitrary sequences of arithmetic and logical operations. He cannot do anything without programs. The computer has many advantages and disadvantages, let’s read them point by point.

Computer advantages

Medical Departments

A computer is not just a combination of a processor, monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Apparatus in medical and medical departments and hospitals, such as X-ray machines, pathology machines, electrocardiograph machines, transport monitors, blood gas machines and transport ventilators, etc.

, All these and thousands of other machines are computerized.

State bodies

In the list of advantages, the item comes in second place. The government of the country uses a computerized system in every department to keep records of people over time. These are the greatest benefits of a computer system to the world. Because we can easily find a person in the area using the issued conditional personality condition. And second, that it is very difficult to keep records of the entire country in books and registers.

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Computers have many advantages and disadvantages, but we can get all the benefits of a computer in the education department. Computers are used very often in all areas of education. We can use it in schools to pay for student cards, photos, documents, scorecards, etc., and also use it for merit lists. … Students on the screen of your device solve their problems.

Job opportunities

Another important item on the list for the unemployed. Because unemployed people can easily find work on the Internet using a computer. For comparison: buy a newspaper from the market and search every page in all newspapers. You can easily specify a job according to your education and experience.

Computer sports

This essay isn’t just about the general benefits of a computer. For people who love sports, using the Internet, it is easy to find the score on the monitor screen or laptop screen.


You are free, no work and nothing bothers you. Let’s get on you (PC) and enjoy the fun of video games. Several games such as soccer, cricket, racing, arcades, brawls and video missions are more interesting and entertaining.


Today’s age of multimedia and entertainment. Everyone loves to listen to fresh music, wants to watch the latest released Hollywood and Bollywood films. Not only that, there are many other ways to entertain yourself.

Large storage space

You can reap the benefits of buying a computer by saving thousands of old and new images. Your old memories, images of your project, videos and work files. Because today the computer has the ability to set data in terabytes.


Presentations play a big role in all areas to learn more about things. And learn something quickly and easily through a presentation. Power Point software is used to create presentations. These presentations can be for events, products, projects, etc.

Business Departments

The latest pros and cons of computer essay paragraphs relate to the use of computers in business departments. Every company in the world, small or large, should need at least one or two computers for documentation, employee records, online communication, and more.

Disadvantages of a computer

Environmental pollution

Computers are not just about CPUs, monitors, mice and keyboards. Heavy machines, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and many machines that work on command are called computers. In the manufacture of these machines and components, there are environmental pollution causes such as air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution. There are many of them too.

Data security

The second disadvantage and disadvantage of a PC is the insecurity of data on the hard drive. In the office, someone can steal your files in a minimum of time while you are away. Because the processors are very fast now and it doesn’t take time to transfer data to USB.

Reduce employment opportunities

On the one hand, the computer creates job opportunities, but on the other hand, it also reduces job opportunities. Because many machines today work automatically, work that used to be done by five or ten people now does this work machine alone with one command.


The word “virus” sounds good, but it kills your computer and can damage your files and data on your hard drive. A virus is the enemy of a PC, as soon as it enters the system, the number of viruses automatically increases daily, and in the end you will lose all important information and data.

Need a qualified person

There are no five points in “Disadvantages of a computer” – a qualified specialist is needed to solve each special problem. And a specialist in a specific software will charge a high salary. For example, design needs a graphic designer, an architect needs someone who can work in AutoCAD, and computerized accounting needs someone who can work in Peachtree or QuickBooks software.

Waste of time

Another disadvantage of a PC is a waste of time. People in offices use it for business or personal work. Because of this, other peoples have problems.

Cash waste

As we discussed above, misusing a computer is a waste of time, as well as a waste of money. People buy it for games, watching movies and music – a waste of money.

Short circuit

In case of any problem with the power cable, less or more power of electricity or more load on the computer may cause a short circuit or explosion. In such cases, you may lose data and files, and in other cases, you will have to lose your entire system.

Away from family

The biggest disadvantage of the computer system is that it is more often used for persuasion and play, as well as other abuses to keep people away from their families. The father cannot understand the children better, the husband cannot understand the wife, and many other relationships go far.

Automatic operation

This is the last point of “the advantages and disadvantages of computer technology in our life.” These are the most serious and dangerous moments, because some of the automatic operations and functions of computer software sometimes stop working for one reason or another, leading to death. For example, in an elevator, if the power goes out or the load is cut off, you can stop the elevator. Many other machines that have no sense of thinking operate only in teams.

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