Graduating with my Academic Goals Met

“And now we introduce to you the class of 2012 of Imperial Valley College,” the words I’ve been waiting to hear since the day I walked in IVC. The most important day of my life was college graduation. Knowing it wasn’t an easy road to graduate, I didn’t give up. Every day I was at IVC, it was a day less to graduate. For most people having to take the bus back and forth home early or late would be an excuse to not continue their education, but for me was the beginning of a journey I wanted to become independent, and not depend on my parents for a car, wanted to get what I want on my own , I decided to write this in my essay because it was a part that kept me motivated in, “graduation motivational avenue.

“ Graduating from college for me was very extremely important since it was an important event to be pictured in.

The first semester working and attending to school was making me stressed and frustrated People would motivate to continue and not give up.

At work it was just not what I expected, working at a place that wouldn‘t work with my school schedule, wasn’t what I was looking fort I decided that education was more important than work. So, I decided to apply the following for work-study at school. Fall 2009 I began an enjoyable journey at, Imperial Valley College Preschool Infant Center, Working with children ages 0-5 wasn’t what I had plan to do after high school, but it wasn‘t bad at all.

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It was preparing me for one future day, changing diapers, feeding babies was full of pleasant experiences that I will cherish. Like people say that you will treasure the small moments in life. Seeing kids grow up at the preschool was an enjoyable work to be at. Kids calling me, “mom” was what I was called often; I didn’t mind it was something that would make me smile.

The last semester I worked there for me it was melancholic, knowing that it was my last semester and the last stop in the “gradational motivational avenue” was gloomy At the same time it was quite exciting since I was about to begin the journey of, “independency road.” People that encourage me to continue on, were the people that put me down one day, yet it did hurt I use that as a motivation and not for depression. An event that I won’t forget about that motivate me to graduate from college , was when my ex- boyfriend doubted that I wouldn‘t graduate from college. Fall semester 2010 was the semester that he said to me that he wanted to break-up with me early November, fall semester I had applied for university and the semester I was taking the required classes to transfer to SDSU 71V. That semester I felt, I wasn’t going to make it, working, school and now breaking up?

I didn’t expect, yet I knew I had to move on Everything seemed to come to an end, for me. Ijust asked God to give me the strength, finals week was around the cornert Knowing I had to study for finals, and having other people that motivated me in a positive way and care for me, I had to take a big step, moving on. Studying for finals weren’t easy, yet I learned that falling apart wasn’t going to solve anything and that I needed to continue, It was time for finals week, and I felt I’ve taken a big step in life, that now it was time to wait for final gradest A finals grade a 30 GPA, that semester was worth it People that stepped on me, help me to become stronger and look forward, because at the end I can prove them wrong. After, the sad and experience lessons, I’ve deal with during the half way of college, I learned that life has to continue and there are going to be obstacles that I had to fight with. One day while I was in waiting for class to start, I was talking to a lady and she said, “Believe in your dreams and they may come true; believe in yourself and they will come true.”

So I asked her where did heard that qttote and she said from a motivational speaker, One day when she wasn’t doing well with her marriage, she decided to speak to a motivational speaker. 50 she explained to the speaker that things in her life were getting rough and that her husband wouldn‘t let her continue with her education. I was in shocked about hearing her story, so when she told me if I believed in myself my dreams will come true, shejust told me to don’t stop and continue on I was impressed, it was like if she knew what was happening in my life. I took this as something that God had sent me, something that I had to share with other people in general, Many people say life is full of surprises, and now I believe in that. Life is a journey that it’s going to surprise you and for me that moment when that lady told me about not stopping and continue. That’s when I was more looking forward to my graduation, sacrifices and tears were worth it.

The day was getting closer, Ijust knew that I had to not stop and look forward and keep doing good in my classes One day I had an appointment with my counselor so she took and overview over my graduations requirements and to fill out the form for graduation. She said everything is ready, and looking forward to see you graduate she as well mention, that I‘ve hard for it and she was proud of me, for everything that I‘ve done I thought that graduation was just a dream, in my mind I was surprised for everything that I’ve gone through, knowing that I’ve done sacrifices, and many things. At the end hard work did paid off. It’s not the end; it was the beginning of a new journey, San Diego State University. The biggest lesson about all this is that years will pass by as quicker than we thought, when I want something, I know I will get it at the end. I like to work hard, for what I want. It’s not about time it’s about achieving goals.

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