AbstractThe interior design industry is undergoing tremendous


The interior design industry is undergoing tremendous change at the moment. Interior design has historically been a costly, time-intensive process that involved collaborating with a designer to envision, plan, and create a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing to the customer, but functional as well. To cope up with today’s industry is not an easy task. Smart design and technology are important. Your ideas must be well enough to support your answer. A designer’s mind should be open enough to explore the things around so that they should be aware enough of what’s already existing in the market and what unique to create.

Let’s consider an example: – The way of teaching and designing in countries abroad as compared to India is very different and more advanced. They have started tiny home movements. In India this concept hasn’t been started yet. India is a fast-growing population and this moment can be helpful as would reduce the space available for one to stay and can accommodate many more to come.


• The reason for the examination was to fathom the present complex structure and plan issues is making an extraordinary methodology more significant than any time in recent memory

• Using a legitimate system for a structure which will look as an interconnected, intuitive entirety. Thus, in general the creators, mechanical and auxiliary designers, planners, office supervisors, and the sky is the limit from there—to grow increasingly all-encompassing arrangements.

• “Technological advancement is changing our calling, both how we plan and what we structure.

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More up to date representation and building data instruments, for example, 3D printing, BIM, and Revit, have taken arranging and rendering to an unheard-of level. With the appearance of the Internet of everything, spaces will overflow with “shrewd” gadgets that will control and screen each part of its utilization.” {1}


Striving the industry is not an easy task. The interior designer needs to put in efforts to understand the client’s needs and requirements. The designers should know about the latest market trends as competition has become a part of it. It’s the designer’s task to bring the client in his hands and working out that is a challenge.

Striving the industry:

The customer’s tendency Nowadays its phenomenal to hear that the planners work as indicated by the customer’s prerequisites. The idea of the customer and designer relationship is proceeding to change and at a quicker rate. In the residential area, the customers look for a progressively participatory association with their designer , so they get more in the plan. In the business part, customers are all the more every now and again captivating originators as experts or guides.

Solid Behaviors-An incredible change lately has been the move inside the constructed condition toward inhabitant prosperity. Utilizing proof-based structure, urban organizers, manufacturers, and architects need to making spaces that advance wellbeing and sound practices.

Sustainability standards- one of the most transformative patterns influencing inside plan now and for in any event the following couple of years is the rising bar of maintainability benchmarks. New “savvy building” frameworks are improving observing in every aspect of the structure. The meaning of manageability is growing, as well, to incorporate tenant wellbeing and health, and social obligation.

Designing the future

New technologies are showing a lot of interest to the people. Augmented reality, Virtual reality, tiny homes are of great use in today’s arena.

Augmented reality

Augmented Reality is an innovation that overlays computerized data onto this present reality, utilizing applications on cell phones and different gadgets. As a rule, increased reality applications let clients “see” through the cameras on their gadgets. The applications at that point include information conveyed from the Internet to the picture being appeared.

Contextual analysis: Fabindia, yes all of you may have obviously known about this name, where you complete your shopping and pick your preferred bit of dress/furniture and so on you need. To expand deal and thriving of business Fabindia began the increased reality innovation. Inside originators at Fabindia studios counsel with customers on location through E-indexes utilizing enlarged reality to indicate furniture that isn’t accessible on the showroom floor. Download the application and planners show customers any furniture choice, in any case if it’s physically there or not. Customers imagine furniture in their home that was suggested in the room format made by their Fabindia inside architect. They’re ready to perceive how their space will look and affirm that furniture will fit well before they make the buy.

Tiny home movement- The pattern toward modest houses has not yet begun in India. Individuals can grasp the small life theory and the opportunity that goes with the minor house way of life. The minor house development is about more than essentially living in a little space.

Contextual investigation Tiny Houses Pack a Big Value

The California Tiny House organization is a dad child association that was established to give little, moderate homes. The issue they confronted was the point at which they established this was to make a little, conservative, adaptable house that would quantify the requests of both the construction regulation and open street. They saw an open door in the requirement for progressively moderate houses: for individuals with restricted assets, for the individuals who could bear the cost of a real estate parcel yet were not prepared to manufacture a full-sized house on it, for a visitor house

“Our items vary from an ordinary house in that they need to withstand sea tempest power twists each time they go down the interstate. Other than that, there are not many contrasts.”- Nick. {2}

The little homes have sizes 18-28 feet. The houses are wood-outline development, protected, and completed like a regular house on both the inside and outside. Going down the roadway at 65 MPH and crashing into a 20 MPH breeze is the identical breeze heap of a house stopping in a tropical storm.

Arrangement: When managing high breezes, the rooftop is all the time observed to be one of the most defenseless components of the structure envelope. For this requesting application, the Mosleys pick MBCI Slimline standing crease metal material boards.

“Metal material is a standard for the business,” Nick Mosley calls attention to. “It holds up better to high breezes. You can do black-top creation rooftops; however, you need to cover them whenever you’re in travel to abstain from losing shingles when cruising down the parkway. Steel rooftops last much more. MBCI’s Slimline boards are exceptionally light. When you lock them together, they’re secured.” {3}


Why Join the Tiny House Movement?

To the individuals who haven’t attempted minor house living, it might appear to be overwhelming. For what reason would somebody live in a little space? Yet, “greater is better,” isn’t that so?

It turns out there are numerous benefits to the little home development and the small life theory. Obviously, individuals may join the development for any number of reasons, yet the most prevalent reasons incorporate natural concerns, money related concerns, and the craving for additional time and opportunity.

The little life gives colossal monetary points of interest and the capacity to carry on with a way of life loaded up with experience. That implies numerous individuals will invest a great deal of energy making sense of how to manage the cost of their homes.

We endeavor to bear the cost of greater houses than we need. We keep on working, so we can fill our homes with more stuff… things we may not require but rather purchase in any case.

Things being what they are, what’s the option in contrast to this surprising expense of living? One arrangement is to live littler—and it’s that acknowledgment that carries numerous individuals into the modest house development. While little homes aren’t for everybody, minor house expenses are much lower than a full-size structure.

The Small Living Movement and The Joy of Living with Less

As you see, it’s no big surprise numerous individuals are overpowered by the expense of their homes. The modest life would be a developing development, without a doubt! The little house development will help individuals find out about another approach to live their lives. They would most likely experience numerous undertakings, travel to new places, and appreciate opportunity. Modest houses are the point of convergence in a more extensive framework to address issues, concerns, and issues of the present day. They offer a way to a littler natural impression, more noteworthy money related opportunity, and eventually an independent life. The minor home development empowers you to carry on with a real existence all alone terms. All in all, on the off chance that you wonder who purchases little houses? Any individual who is worried about existence improvement, ecological cognizance, independence and sound monetary plans. The little life considers you to have additional time and opportunity to appreciate life experiences.


Tiny house living can prove to be a challenging endeavor; however, for some, it is a perfect fit and a viable housing solution. The small house is an authentic lodging elective for some people, and can construct a more grounded environmental ethic just as more grounded network esteem. Through its little space, the small home provokes proprietors to rethink how they esteem physical merchandise, individual connections and the condition, all while giving a more prominent measure of monetary opportunity. Little house living can demonstrate to be a difficult undertaking; be that as it may, for a few, it is an ideal fit and a reasonable lodging arrangement. Starting at this moment, little houses and the business behind them are still in their earliest stages, yet. As of right now, tiny houses and the industry behind them are still in their infancy, but businesses and infrastructure are growing fast, which might mean living small will be a big thing in the future.





{5} “Median and Average Square Feet of Floor Area in New Single-Family Houses Completed by Location.” Ibid

{6} “Average Size of Households in the U.S. 1960-2014.”

“The Kashmir Heritage -art forms and Design”


The beauty of Kashmir may be brought into the homes by comprising of the beautiful art forms of the region. These art forms can be further be put into the design industry. Kashmir is the homeland of various decorative renowned arts and crafts which have been for centuries renowned for their and beauty. Indeed, Kashmiri craft products are legendary. Craft work is the main source of income of the Kashmiris. Craft work or simply craft is a type of work which made the useful and decorative devices by hand or using only simple tools. Items made by mass production or machines are not handicraft products.


The valley of Kashmir other than its characteristic magnificence is additionally known for its specialty and create and for its flawless craftsmanship which has thrived throughout the hundreds of years. A portion of the celebrated crafted works of Kashmir are the hand-tied Persian floor coverings and rugs, weaved shawls in Jamawar weaving, silk delicate Pashmina, adornments, articles made of pecan wood and paper Mache

Hand make furniture: It is a necessary piece of most Kashmiri homes. These can be cutting of the tables, seats, dressing. side tables and so on. A workmanship brought somewhere near the Muslims or Persia. These bits of workmanship are utilized as jars, cups, plate, light bases, adornments boxes and so forth. It has developed to coordinate current requests.

Papier Mache: – Is another form of handicraft that has brought J&K wide acclaim from all regions of the world. To make Papier Mache objects, the process is very long and tedious. First the paper is soaked in water till the time it completely dismantles. The paper is then mashed and is mixed with an adhesive solution. The pulp is then molded into desired shape and is dried. The outlay of the object is now ready. Now is the time for artisans to color it and draw intricate and brilliant designs on it. The product is now ready to hit the market. The first look on these splendorous objects itself will compel you to make them your own. There are cheaper versions of Papier Mache as well that are made up of cardboard. Pen boxes, table lamps, show pieces and other decorative items are few that are made from Papier Mache

Wood Carvings

Wood Carving industry has developed significantly over the most recent couple of years in J&K. Indeed, wood cutting industry of J&K is the most well known in whole nation. The Walnut wood is viewed as the best wood for carvings. Because it is promptly accessible, however even after over the top carvings, the wood holds its quality. The primary fascination of woodcarvings is the woodwork on the roof of the rooms. The strategy for this work is hugely entangled and the finished result is similarly hypnotizing. This sort of woodcarving is called Khatam Band. Woodcarving can likewise be seen on seats, tables, adornments boxes and on everything without exception that is made of woods.

Khatamband: It is a prevalent work of art like panjrakari. The little piece geometrical slim cuts of wood are held together to make lovely yet entangled geometrical structures without utilizing nails or paste.

Panjrakari: An exceptionally famous Kashmiri grid work of art of development. The wooden works is utilized to fill the entryways, windows, ventilators with prison screens that are developed of moment slats masterminded in geometric types of fine art.

Aari Work: Weaving alludes to the string create that improves the appearance of a texture or item. This string specialty is commonly done on regular textures with tight weaves. Weaving structures of India are affected by various societies and have their very own kind. Indian weaving is esteemed by skilled workers and has the world swooning over them. Weaving plans are shaped based on surface of the texture. It might likewise incorporate embellishing materials other than strings, similar to pearls, dabs, stones and sequins. Aari work is a sort of weaving work that is finished by extending the texture firmly over a wooden casing. A pen like needle that takes after a stitch needle is utilized to do the natural Aari work. Since Aari work has its starting point from the Mughal time, themes of Aari work are gotten from nature. These themes incorporate leaves, vines, blossoms, trees, winged animals and creatures.

Workmanship and art are something that you will see, contacts each part of life in J&K. Be it the garments they wear or the homes they live in, everything somehow or another or different has specialties associated with it. The greater part of these things is splendid enough to be brought home as gifts of your movement to J&K. Lal Chowk and Badshah Chowk in Srinagar and Vir Marg and Hari Market is Jammu are the best places where you can enjoy shopping.


Transforming minimal known and biting the dust Kashmiri specialties into furniture lighting:

“Just because, I’ve utilized Pinjari Kari to configuration racks and lampshades,” says the Shillong-conceived, Bengaluru-based originator.

Sandeep Sangaru visited Kashmir on a Development Commissioner Handicrafts Project, to comprehend pecan wood create. There he moved toward becoming fascinated with Khatamband And Pinjra Kari, Persian specialties that had ventured out to India.

His exploration demonstrated that his structure collection of themes and cutting styles were consolidated into furniture making. Enlivened by the scale and extent of old structures, examples and joinery, he made a scope of furniture that highlights the style utilized. He trusts that as more craftsmans come back to the art, the first 50 pinjara kari designs (of which just five are being used today) will make a rebound. He takes three years to make singular furniture accumulations. Furthermore, fits into contemporary inside.


After studying “the importance of Kashmiri art and craft.” Following few points come as conclusion. There is a legend that Kashmir is a heaven on earth. Kashmir is rich not only in its beauty but it is also the homeland of various decorative renowned art and craft products. The handicraft products of Kashmir are known throughout the world for its exquisite designs and unique craftmanship. The art and crafts of Kashmir are the major contributions to the economy of the state. These handcrafts and art forms can be used in creating and designing furniture for making sofa covers or cushion covers which will create a good blend. Fixtures can also be made using wood carving.

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