About The Movie "Rear Window"

The movie Rear Window came out in 1954. It is Alfred Hitchcock’s greatest film with a leading duo of James Stewart and Grace Kelly. The context of this film is when the Us was in a huge communist scare. People treat other people like nothing to save themselves. Everybody is going against each other. Alfred Hitchcock was motivated to do this film because of the social strife of America. The film reveals Alfred’s amazing skills as a writer and director.

Rear Window was a dry and motionless idea, having the film shot in one setting for the most part in one angle. The scenes were very intense and shockingly worth watching. What I realize about the opening of the film is when there were three windows having three blinds. The blinds were moving up very slowly and took a long time to see what was out there in the world.I  believe that the blinds stand for timing. The outside of the window stands for the truth about the real world.

I believe that as an audience, the film is telling us that finding proof and justice takes a long time to figure out. It takes time to find the real truth. I truly thought this was an interesting movie to watch and I would  watch it over and over again. This is the first movie we watch that has color in it.

This film has a lot of high-key lighting, a few close-up shots and definitely a lot of long and continuous shots.

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Alfred Hitchcock uses long shots. The long shots in this film are making us audience remain and varnish our visual thoughts of the characters that we are not paying attention; however, are always present and made mindful of the audience. It helps us think deeper and builds up our intelligence to the main plot of the scene.

During the first scene there was a close-up shot of Jeff’s forehead when he was sweating. The close-up of his forehead sweating shows his sweat clearly. The sweat of Jeff’s forehead makes you want to see the sweat drip out of his head. The high-key lighting was when the scene was showing the neighborhood and seeing different people getting ready in the morning.

The open and closing shots of the scene are of a cyclical nature which means that it is showing the entire universe. It has some panning shots conveying so many separate cinematic worlds around the imposing world. Each character plays the midway role within their own small story. Every narrative has its  unconnected unit. The narratives very seldom with each other. The way we see the world of the apartment buildings compounds changes as Jeff employs into different procedures of scanning into windows around him. We are designated by close up and extreme close up shots as Jeff looks through his camera lens. His binoculars give us a lot more of a medium close upshot. A lot of tools give us the edge of being skillful to see certain objects, actions and deep emotions in a lot of details while also reducing our stare within the whole wide world.

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About The Movie "Rear Window"
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