A Tale of Two Cities - Nanjing and Beijing

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I live in two different cities for a period of every year. I will live in Nanjing when I go to school and Beijing during the holidays. For this reason, I have two “hometowns”. Although the people in these two cities, Nanjing and Beijing, think that they have nothing in common, in my opinion, they have for more differences than similarities.

The first obvious differences lie in the location of the two cities. Nanjing is the east china near the sea while Beijing is in the worth of China.

There are a few minor differences in their diet, of course: Nanjing, people eat rice for three meals a day. While in Beijing their meals are dominated by steamed bread and green onions.

Second, Nanjing and Beijing are also different in size. Although the two cities are different in size, they are both metropolises. In Nanjing, the pace of life is not very fast. You don’t have to worry about being caught in a crush.

In Beijing, the people on the subway and buses are very crowded. You can’t take any bus or subway without some power. They are many people who want to work in Beijing, so there’s a lot of competition. They are constantly racing against the clock. This is a competitive city.

Not only are the locations of the two cities different, but also is the weather. The weather in Nanjing is mild and wet. Go on a picnic when the weather is clear. However, Beijing is a city with four distinct seasons.

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The weather in Beijing is mostly sunny, but too dry. Sometimes there is always dust in the air, which make people feel uncomfortable when inhaled.

The economies of the two cities are also based on the same business: tourism. People from different countries and regions will visit theses two cities during their holidays. Especially is summer, the business is very busy. Of course, there are a few differences here as well. In Nanjing, tourists will go to the Confucius temple, where there are many snacks. In Beijing, tourists will go to Tiananmen Square or the Great Wall, but these places can only see some historical sites, not many delicious food. I think traveling like this would be boring.

Finally, despite the opinions of the natives of Nanjing and Beijing, I think that the people there are very different. Relatively small cities, Nanjing people are mostly interested in what their neighbors do and say, and they don’t care very much about what is happening in the outside world. In Beijing, people are thinking about how to do a better job every day to get the chance of promotion. Their daily lives are competitive and not as leisurely as those in Nanjing.

Thus, while there are a few similar between Nanjing and Beijing, I think that the differences are far more obvious. In location, size, economy, natural beauty and people, there are very different. Although I sometimes feel they are too big for me now, they are the cities where I have lived. Only living with my parents in Beijing can make me feel at home. So my favorite city is Beijing.

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