A special boy by Philippe Grimbert Review

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Louis holed up in his books rather than playing with other children. The quiet, introverted boy grows up as closely guarded only child in a family of the Parisian upper classes. The summer is spent in the seaside resort Horville on the Atlantic coast. There learns Louis Antoine know, an age-matched, lively, adventurous boys. They dig in the sand, roam the city, looking everywhere for relics of the Allies, who were here for the war on land. Especially attractive is a forbidden Park.

The boys venture into it, come across a locked door, behind a cave – and Antoine crashes head on a concrete slab

It was for Louis the last vacation in Horville and the last time that he Antoine. saw. What became of him after that, Louis does not know, but a bad feeling creeps over him to this day. Get all the memories, the good and especially bad secrets Louis by accident now again early seventies studied Louis disoriented at the University of Paris.

Again he gave up a subject, and his father is suffering its instability of. He should be making money themselves. As an advertisement comes on cue. “Horville” jumps Louis immediately apparent: A family is looking for a student to care for a “special boy” for his debut “With a purchase through this link to support my Special offer – thank you “everyday life in the property is determined by the 16-year-old Iannis, an autistic his mother Helena, 40, loves her son, but can his instinct-driven behavior and stopping his personal development no more!.

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. endure Ever it’s hard crashed, and out of her depression she could get it out with difficulty. now she runs back to her typewriter, trying to be a writer “special novels”.

for many students have Iannis’ all-round care quickly abandoned. even Louis, neither the least experience as an educator nor any psychological knowledge brings, comes after a few days the limits of its capacity. the “special J unge “can not speak; he jumps Louis suddenly and bites him in the chest; He will not let a shower because he feels the drops as hell torture; he pushes bloodcurdling screams of pain from when he sees lying on his plate a rosy piece of meat, and then stabs with the knife on one, as if to himself dismember.

But then Louis feels delicate characters. While they roamed the small, quiet streets of Horville and on the beach, he told Iannis his memories of the summer with Antoine and all their little secrets. Iannis seems to understand more than expected, seems strong feelings as to absorb a sponge. Soon joins the two secret intimacy that Iannis only Louis gives.

The unfilled irritated Helena likes to Louis to the test, making it the object of their desire and uses it as a source for their literary self-realization. Your advances are unmistakable. How Louis wash out of the “special” situation Despite its psychological depth reads Philippe Grimberts little novel quickly and easily?; as no sentence is superfluous, and each is full of details, full of significance. An unusual subject, often disturbing, told sensitive and demanding the tension between revulsion and fascination.

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A special boy by Philippe Grimbert Review
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