A Proposed Solution to Avert Students Dropping out of School

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An analogy between the notion that “breakfast being the most important meal of the day” and the successful college semester by prior preparation can be made. An aspiring student often enrolls into a class early, gathered their costly supplies, mapped out their schedules around school and work, and often started any readings that they can accomplish even before the start of the first day. But even with such effort put into preparation, it could ultimate be derailed due to uncontrollable circumstances that hinder their plan.

And when those uncontrollable variables are the professor’s own teacher style and educational rhetoric, that clash with the students natural and productive method of critically learning, the most studious of students could not achieve the most education and understanding.

“But why not have the student just drop the class or transfer to another?” some may posit about such a situation. While some do transfer to another class long before the allotted time for dropping, many students are more likely to be “locked in” due to a multitude of reasons; a personal sense of honor to achieve in that class regardless the odds, the inability to transfer to already bloated and closed similar classes, and even the hope of time changing their understanding of the professor’s style are some reasons a student stays in such a class well past due the drop date.

Should the student be penalized for being an prepared and committed student, who is thrown off their educational pursuit due to having know prior understanding of the teachers rhetoric beforehand?

There is a solution to such an issue: a visual and audio representation of what the student could expect to not only understand their professor but of what the class requires in a short and informative viral video set up by the professor themselves.

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The video, only being 3-7 minutes length, are filmed by the professor which allows a short introduction of the professor themselves, a short outline of the class, and their preferred method of teaching (including the tools of teaching such as reading standards, work ethics, expectations, and the like).

Every semester the professor would compile a new video that would be shared via a link on the syllabus on the school’s catalog on Grossmont WebAdvisor. With an audio and visual understanding of the professor, their education goal, and understanding, students would be able to form concrete questions that they could ask in advance of the class starting. This would enable the clearing of any misunderstandings prior to the semester and better equip the student to understand what is expected of them along with the understanding that if that particular class is best suited for the student’s educational needs.

Not only would this better equip the student for learning but would also present an opportunity to present key syllabus highlights prior to the class starting. By creation of a 2nd video that is set to enrolled students associated email on WebAdvisor after enrolling, a syllabus video could be distributed that could cover necessary information that is contained in that courses syllabus. With this method, the first week of school could be better implemented with timing to learn the subject of that class in a more long and lasting manner.

By the use of these videos, the professor and students could understand and progress as a more singular unit then having to deal with the constant rearrangement, discontentment and even bitter associations that come to plague many classrooms due to misunderstanding of the course, it’s professor, and their teachings and teaching habits.

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