Watergate & Nixon's Corruption of Justice

They paint over me so many times as if they could cover up my memories. My memories cannot be covered up oF erased, just as your memories go on forever. I will never forget the Watergate scandal and Richard Nixon or women’s rights from the mid-1800s to the 1900s.

During the Watergate scandal, President Nixon corrupted justice, created a constitutional crisis, and eventually was forced to resign. President Richard Nocon corrupted justice, He led CREEP, which is the Republican committee for the re-election of the President.

They sabotaged the Democratic Party. They were the actual burglars. CREEP was the people who went into the Watergate apartments to wiretap and photograph documents. They raised tens of millions of dollars illegally for Nixon’s reelection. Noon alone without the people who worked under him hid tapes that contained evidence of the Watergate scandal. He only submitted excerpts from the tapes that made him look innocent. | remember when Nixon refused to hand over any of the other tapes.

He claimed executive Privilege and separation of powers. From what the other walls and | saw after he was forced by the Senate to tum in the rest of the evidence he displayed complete dishonesty. He ignored lawful Subpoenas; at least that is what the oval walls of Nixonis office told everyone, One of the West Winges walls told me of a speech he made saying he knew nothing of the Watergate cover-up and the nine months after the whole incident occurred he gave a speech taking responsibility and blame for the whole thing.

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The only good thing is that! seen come out of the Watergate scandal was that it made the nation stronger. The United States of America survived a true constitutional test. It proved that impeachment is successful. Connecticut’s Judge John Sirica, Nort Carolina’s Senator Sam Ervin, and Professor Archibald Cox prosecuted Nixon for the Watergate scandal. The nation proved that no person is above the law and demonstrated that the president must be held o strict accountability. The Houseи and Judiciary Committee recommended that he be impeached in July of 1974. By the time Nixon found out about this he resigned. The Watergate scandal was the most amazing thing | can remember ever since the first time I was painted.

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