The Watergate Scandal in Frost/Nixon, an Interview Series by David Frost

FrosuNixon” is a riveting account of an actual interview series that was conducted under the team of David Frost- a famous British television host. The story heavily revolves around the perplexing issue of the Watergate Crisis that occurred under the Nixon administration, Following their resignation from the presidential office, Richard Nixon (played by Frank Langella) remained fairly silent and unapologetic to the public, regarding the crisis he partook in, However, the American people wanted disclosure of the truth behind the situation from Mr.

Nixon himself, especially following his pardoning the from the possible indictment of felony charges. Capitalizing on the opportunity to potentially solve the issue, David Frost (played by Michael Sheen) strikes an offer with Nixon to undergo a series of interviews at a costly bargain of $600,000- mostly coming straight from his pocket, due to controversy over the probability of success from the interviews, Gambling with his stakes, Frost and his producer John Birt (played by Matthew Macfadyen) sets out on creating the massive project with a daring cast of members.

To construct an effective interview, the production hires two investigative reporters to maximize the success of the TV show series. The reporter Bob Zelnick (played by Oliver Platt) and James Reston Jr (played by Sam Rockwell) were initially disapproving of Frost’s approach and persona in the interview, leading to tensions among the team. However, their role in the process was, undoubtedly crucial to the overall result of the interviews on former president Richard Nixon and the Watergate Crisis.

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Asa viewer, I believe the movie was executed brilliantly. Aside from focusing solely on the interviews alone, the film took the initiative to paint the actual backgrounds and personas of Nixon and Frost. The provided additional formation, regarding the personality of Frost and the production cast, was auxiliary to understanding the difficulty of the interview process,

I believe that the movie is directed toward political scholars, voters, and educated documentary regarding the Watergate Crisis, I Twas able (0 envision the personas of each, character- which primarily maintained my interest in the film, and allowed me to grasp the intensity of the remarks exchanged between Frost and Nixon during the Richard Nixon interviews, Tension between Frost and his production team helped paint that interviews are carefully outlined and purposeful structures- an angle T never considered when perceiving interviews in general. The movie also exhibited former president Nixon as both a ferocious ‘opponent and an amicable fellow American, which was pleasing to watch. It reinforced that although Nixon committed a notorious crime in office, he did have intentions of leading the American nation and its future generations when he first entered the presidency. Additionally, he resented his actions and recognized the Watergate Crisis’ impact on the American public as exhibited in the movie. I don’t believe that pardoning Nixon’s crimes is exemplifying the best of American adults. The film excels at painting the context of the interviews and the American public’s opinion of Nixon at the time. Thus, comprehending the movie wouldn’t require in-depth knowledge regarding the Watergate Crisis but it would certainly be helpful. However, amidst the plethora of movies circulating the masses, picking the respective movie to watch would be
unlikely without having some sort of comprehension of the political scandal or the characters presented in the movie. Nonetheless, it was a stellar political film and retained my interest as a student that is fairly interested in politics and America’s system of government, The movie dives into the idea of government corruption and helps incentivize any movements of injustice and tyranny in the American government.

Although injustice may occur in the United State’s system of government, the citizens must oppose unjust forces and maintain the ideals of democracy. | especially appreciated the movie’s decision to keep the dialogue presented during the interview sessions as it was created during the actual int! H decades ago. Unlike a typical judiciary system in America but I do believe that some sort of sympathy and empathy is considerable for the former president. Ultimately, | would rate the film 8/10. It was spectacular for a political film but it wouldn’t be on my top 10 best movies of all time, although I do have an interest in movies revolving around legal issues. On that note, T would recommend the film to any scholar that has taken an American history course, or any teenager or adult who has an interest inthe  American government.

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