An Analysis of the Watergate Scandal in Breaking into Watergate Documentation

Ever since | can remember | have always heard, whether over the news or on an educational channel, about the Watergate scandal. ! never knew what the Watergate scandal was about, but! did know that it had to do with one of our former Presidents. Before | read (Breaking into Watergate! | had no clue about all the lies and betrayals that went on in the highest and most prestigious office in America. It is very important as a history major to have read this article so that | am no longer oblivious to what went on in the OvalOfficee before June 7, 1972.

As | started to read through this article the realization of what the Watergate scandal was, became more and more clear. The information that | read was very upsetting and discomforting, To know that Prthe resident of the United State would be s0 deceitful and disloyal to not only his peers but also to the people of the United States is very upsetting but unfortunately is not too uncommon these days.

Reading about President Nixon tying to bribe witnesses with money and trying to blackmail the opposition was mind-boggling. President Nixon did almost everything perfectly and might have sipped past the accusations except for the fact that he forgot about the tapes that recorded his phone conversations. Donald Sanders was very smart to think of something that none of the other investigators thought of; a tapping system. Alexander Butterfield, when reminded that he was under cath, admitted that there was a recording system in the White Housthatch that no longer made John Dears testimony just his word against the president.

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Knowing that John Dean would stand up and tell the truth, despite being told to do otherwise, makes at least one 900d moral story come out of the scandal.

In the tiny years that the presidents had been making secret recordings, and of, all of them had their different reasons. In nineteen forty Franklin Roosevelt had a microphone hidden in a desk lamp s0 that he could secretly record his press conferences. The machine also caught Roosevelt promoting a whispering campaign to discredit his presidential opponent, Wendell Wilkie. Dwight Eisenhower had a crude Dictaphone device installed and explained, 1! want to have myself protected so they cart later report that | had said something else. Although these Presidents had made secret recordings John F. Kennedy was the first president to make extensive audio recordings, though not until eighteen months after he assumed office. Neither Noon nor Kennedy ever revealed their motives for doing it.

So AS you can see each President has had different reasons for recording their conversations if they had any reason at all. The tapes recorded through the history of each residency are very important not only to the public but also important in unfolding What went on in the conversations that took place before a major event or decision occurred. The tapes tell us how each situation was and how and why each President made their decisions. Although the tapes were very hard to decipher, Emest May and Philip Zelikow, once cleared away the static and verbal debris the tapes told a riveting story. They showed President Kennedy and his advisers striving 10 responds, under intense pressure. to the secret placement of Soviet offensive nuclear missiles at launching sites in Cuba only thing miles away from American shores. The tapes, as shown, are an important part of history because inform the people and give the public explanations of the decisions that were made in crucial times.

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