A Discussion on the Elements of Servant Leadership Forms

Introduction Leadership comes in many forms. While some forms of leadership are despotic in nature, some are geared towards the inclusion of the people under the leadership in the decision making process so as to improve service delivery. In essence, they involve perceiving the leader as a servant. This paper discusses the elements of these servant leadership forms. According to a journal by Art Barter on journal leadership there are nine behaviors that leaders should cultivate so as to achieve servant leadership.

The first behavior is putting service delivery first among the organization’s objectives. In this light, the management of the organization should make delivery of services its number one priority. The second characteristic of a servant leader that managers should emulate is building of trust. This may be achieved by increasing transparency in the decision-making process so as to let employees get more involved in the company’s affairs. The third feature is enforcement of personal values in implementing the company’s decisions.

This is important as it humanizes the leader by showing his or her commitment to the realization of the organization’s objectives.

The fourth is listening to the grievances and input of the employees since a perspective based on the collective mindset of the entire company is healthy to its progress. The fifth is reviewing the decision making process. The leader should analyze the thought process that influences his decisions so as to establish the reason behind his decisions. The sixth is value addition to his employees.

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This is since it does not only improve the employees, but also the organization. The seventh is courage. This is because leaders have to take risks and that requires fortitude. The eight is increasing their influence since charisma will make the employees look up to the leader. The last feature is leading by example. This is so as to demonstrate the pointers that the leader requires of his followers.


By prioritizing service, leadership becomes effective since the ranking of the organization will increase in terms of profit-making and customer satisfaction. To orient the management towards this type of leadership requires increased involvement of the workers into the company’s organization. By implementing the above strategies, leaders can improve trust, worker value and the image of the organization.

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