8.3 Greek Mythology & Literature

The Greeks created what to explain the world?

Ancient Greek literature provides some of the worlds greatest what and what?
Poems and stories

Greek what lives on and influences our world even today?

Body of stories about gods or heroes that tries to explain how the world works

Author of two great epic poems, the Iliad and the odyssey

Most famous lyrical poet of Ancient Greece

Author of the worlds most famous set of fables

Short stories that offer lessons on living

We often use the word myth as a synonym for lie or untruth.

Do you think this is correct?


According to Greek mythology, which seasons did Demeter get her daughter back?
Spring and summer

If homer did not exist, how do you think the lliad and the odyssey were composed?
By somebody else

What is lyric poetry?
it is when some one sings a poem while playing the lyre.

the greek word for people is “demos.

” what political system is known in english by a word derived from “demos?”


what is the modern expression that refers to a persons weak spot and is based on a figure from Greek mythology?
achiclies tendon.

what was one way that Greek writers taught people important lessons about life?
through their stories.

how did the ancient Greek writers explain weather, seasons, and natural disasters?
AGAIN! Through their stories.

what are two epic great poems of early Greece, who wrote them?
lliad and the odyssey by Homer.

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what famous Greek hero fought monsters and killed the nine-headed hydra?

what is mythology?
body of stories about gods or heroes that tries to explain how the world works.

why did the ancient Greeks create myths?
for stories

what are homers most famous works?
lliad and odyssey

how are fables different from myths?
fables can happen and myths can not

in what areas have greek myths influenced our culture?
every where

why do you think mythological references are popular with sports teams and bissnusses today?
because they are cool and funny and awesome!

why d you think greek literature has been so influential through out history?
because its awesome!

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8.3 Greek Mythology & Literature
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