20 Review of Related Literature MyRent4 is a mobile application

2.0 Review of Related Literature

MyRent4 is a mobile application that enables landlords and tenants to overcome a major problem that ends up becoming a conflict between both parties (landlords and tenants) because they have no proper way to channel their problems (communication becomes a problem between most landlords and tenants). MyRent4U was developed to provide landlords and tenants an effective application platform. It is a business model that provides the platform for landlords to maintain their business to their customers (tenants).

2.1 Review of all literatures related to topic

Review of Rental House Management System

There are numerous houses that are vacant for rental and most landlords find it difficult to market their properties up for rent. They either channel their information by telling people (agents), or print on papers with the type of rooms and their contact details on it. Most people in search of apartments to rent find it difficult to trace such properties within the area they wish to relocate to and also have to render the services of agents who charge them at a fee for the services they render to individuals in search of apartments and charge landlords at a fee after they introduce a customer to them.

Accommodation has become very important in our social life. Every individual’s main objective in life is to find a good place to live in this era of globalization. Accommodation is offered all over the world and can be found easily online for convenience. There is a universal declaration of Human rights that states “the basic human rights as the right to a decent standard of living, central to which is access to adequate housing” (United Nations, The Human Rights-article 25, 1948).

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(Gommans, 2014)

Review of Airbnb

The demand for apartments has become a problem for the hotel industry because most travellers on vacation decide to rent an apartment (mostly furnished) because they want to experience the ways and lifestyle of the people of the country they find themselves visitors to. With the help of Airbnb which is an online and mobile application that connects travellers to book a listed room on the application. Airbnb showcases the rate of the apartment, the name of the host and location of the property they (travellers) would live shortly for their vacation. Airbnb has affected most people who render their services as home hosts to make business and connect with people all over the world when they list their property on the application.

The world has become globalized and has put pressure on most cities in some parts of the world more populated than others based on individual factors (work, school or business/trading purposes). Most people would need accommodation especially in urban areas where individuals do not have their own property or home and have no other alternative than to rent an apartment to settle for their purposes of relocating to the urban areas. (Stabrowski, 2017)

A study made about how students have challenges to access rented apartments in Nigeria. The study used students in Ogbomoso as experiment. The aim of the study was to evaluate apartments within the area of study based on students’ level of satisfaction and perception. Because most students in our part of the world mostly have to split and share accommodation fee because of economic factors and the budget they have on rental. Most people do not have the money demanded by landlords to pay upfront. There is a need for individuals who have properties to build homes to enable students have a good deal when they opt to rent in that area. It could be a form of single room self-contain or a chamber and hall kind of apartment to house designed students who opt to rent for a duration based on their academic calendar. (Femi, 2014)

Review of Starwood’s mobile hotel key app

The Starwood’s mobile hotel key app is an application designed by a North Texas company who are in to the development of mobile applications that enables users or guests to have access to their booked hotel rooms with their mobile phones as access key to their booked room. This application enables guests to enter their rooms without a physical key but a keyless entry to access their room with the mobile application. (Abril, 2014)

Review on Landlordy

Landlordy this is a property management mobile application that has been developed for landlords who are familiar with the use technology. This application helps landlords document their business without doing it on paper which have to be filled by the landlords. The application enables landlords keep track of payments made by tenant, document important information and do away with the paperwork system. (Landlordy, 2018)

Review on Zumper

Zumper is a rental website that calculates rents for stated monthly reports where it collects data from active listings on the site. Zumper has features where renters in search of accommodation the exact kind of room by presenting it to them with graphic pictures and what they are expected to pay if they have interest to rent a room they find suitable for them. (Martin, 2018)

2.2 System Study and Analysis

System Study

System study gives insight about how an information or data processing methodology would be used.

With the system study, it comprises of an analysis of a system that already exists to enable a developer have an idea about how to modify and make changes to an existing system as systems and technology evolves and has become dynamic.

A system study would be made up of specifications that would be compatible with the equipment selected to run on. A device that would be user friendly and work perfectly once the application has been developed and tested, to run and be usable by individuals the system has been designed and developed to suit selected individuals preferences.

System Analysis

System analysis is a study which main focus is to plan and develop information systems with an in-depth study and analysis to specify how a system would respond with the other components of the system that have been connected to work based on the dependencies of other systems its connected to for a particular purpose by applying analysis and design techniques.

System analysis mostly works with steps to resolve and give a solution to a real life business.

There are six basic systems development life cycle methodologies;


Waterfall model

This model deals with procedures that flow in a straightforward structure. Every phase has to be implemented before we move to another phase of the development phase. With the waterfall module, it is understandable and easy to manage when implemented. Problems can only be resolved once the procedure gets to the maintenance stage.

V-Shaped Model

The V-shaped model which is known as the Verification and Validation model, this model was generated from the waterfall model but has a characteristic that corresponds with a testing phase that would be done for each stage after the previous one has ended. The V-shape model is mostly used when the requirements are unknown because going back to make changes would be difficult.

Iterative Model

With the iterative model implementation dose not start with known requirements. It is implemented with a set of software requirements, where by it is tested, evaluated and discovers future requirements. Any new version of the software is produced with each phase of the iteration model. The iterative module produces a working version in advance until the system is ready.

Spiral Model

The spiral model compared to the other methodologies is flexible. This model channels a project through four phases in a spiral manner over and over again until the process has been executed. It is normally used to develop customized products.

Big Bang Model

The big bang model does not follow any specific process; it does not take much time when planning. Resources of the project are mostly done in the development phase. The big bang model is mostly used to develop small project with less developers who would work on the development of the project. When requirements are no really clear and understood from scratch, developers would face challenges that would compel them to start the process all over till they meet their standards.

Agile Model

The Agile model distributes their products in chunks into a cycle; this model produces an existing release that would start small, and have an incremental change compared to the previous release. Testing would be done at every stage of the iteration.

This model strongly emphasizes interaction whereby customers, developers and testers come together to work or develop the project. This module recommends that end users or customers should be active in the every stage of the procedures that would be implemented to enable the user or customer know the direction and processes involved to manipulate the system to their satisfaction.

Amongst all the six Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology, the waterfall model would be suitable for the development of the “Rent It” application because it is easy to understand, allows problems to be resolved at the maintenance stage. (Half, 2018)

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20 Review of Related Literature MyRent4 is a mobile application
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