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An article from the internet (http://www. irpsys. com/articles/tw_rura. htm) on “Rural Local Community Hospitals Utilizes an Affordable Method to Generate Accurate Medicare Reimbursements” is also significant to the study because it gives an example on Local Community Hospitals system, whereby is East Adams Rural Local Community Hospitals is a 20 bed Local Community Hospitals in a town with a population of less than 2000.

The elderly constitute a very high proportion of the population of our service area which means patients tend to be quite ill and stay for a long time.

The current system of Medicare reimbursements, on the other hand, bases its payments strictly on the diagnosis related group (DRG) to which the patient’s stay is grouped or assigned. Most large third party payers have also adopted the DRG system in the state of Washington.

As a result, reimbursements frequently do not cover the cost of patient care. Further difficulties are generated by the fact that the terminal patients are frequently transferred to larger Local Community Hospitals in Spokane.

This normally means the Spokane Local Community Hospitals gets the major portion of the reimbursement because their DRG assignment is based on the procedures performed and the larger Local Community Hospitals naturally is able to perform more procedures.

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Before this Local Community Hospitals had difficulties in the turnover of records, as well as manual billing system whose efficiency left much to be desired. In many cases, some charges were lost in transit because of poor paper handling and hence the Local Community Hospitals was receiving much less than the meager reimbursement it is entitled and that there was not enough time in the day to make manual system work so the need for computerized alternatives Another article from the internet.

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(http://www. besoftware. Community Hospitals-informations. html) “Local Community Hospitals Information Systems – Customized to Meet all the Management Needs of a Local Community Hospitals” Local Community Hospitals Information technology:

A main component of HIS is Local Community Hospitals information technology and Local Community Hospitals management software programs. These two arms of HIS are also referred to as integrated Local Community Hospitals information processing systems (IHIPS).

Local Community Hospitals information technology and Local Community Hospitals management software programs are synonymous aiming to meet all demands and needs of medical staff, surgical teams and patients. The two systems ensure that all billing, tracking, patient care, bed management, pharmacy, counseling and recruitment as well as rotation of surgical teams is on schedule.

The presence of automation and software as the mainframe of a Local Community Hospitals administration means that all information has to be processed onto two or three hard disks. In case of any malfunction or crash, the data is still available in another disk.

Usually, Local Community Hospitals keep two to three ‘mirror’ disks – one in the archives and one under the scrutiny of management personnel. Remote data backup as well as control processing and tracking automated systems ensure the smooth non-stop functioning of these systems (Local Community Hospitals Information Systems – Customized to Meet all the Management Needs of a Local Community Hospitals, 2003). Another article from the internet (http://www. medical. siemens. com) “Improved Care with an Integrated IT Solution” Competition in today’s healthcare markets is fierce.

As consumers become more informed, healthcare organizations re-examine their processes in order to improve efficiencies and to position themselves as world-class organizations. MedCentral Health System, a health organization with two Local Community Hospitals, 351 beds, and 2,600 employees in Mansfield, OH, USA, is managing this with a system-wide, information technology-(IT-) based initiative, Project Expert Care, geared to provide clinicians with reliable data, to increase patient safety, and to decrease costs by optimizing operational efficiencies.

(Improved Care with an Integrated IT Solution, 2008) Related literature Foreign From the book “Management and the Computer in Information and Control Systems” information is the essential factor within which organizations work effectively. At the planning level, information is required to convert strategy into tactics (detailed plans and schedules and their evaluation). At the operational levels of information is required to carry out production of refining or marketing plans.

Finally even the simplest loop controller in a process unit requires information from process sensors to produce their limited control action (Hodge & Hodgson, 1969). According to the book “Management Uses of the Computer” the adoption of computer processing simplifies management’s tasks in direction current business activities, provided management play its role in the development of the processing system. In the application areas turned over to the computer, management policies are carried through automatically because they are embodied in the processing system.

In addition, the management information system incorporated in the processing structure provides timely information in useful form (Management Uses of the Computer, 1990). According to Terry D. Lundgren and Carol A. Lundgren author of “Records Management in the Computing Age” records management, then, is planning, staffing, organizing, directing and controlling of records and those processes associated with records. Records management is organized around the life cycle of a record and ends with the permanent storage or destruction of record. Source: http://voices. yahoo. com/thesis-local-community-hospitals-system-4664081. html.

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