1950’s Sports And Fashion

In 1950s sports impacted the people of America by giving them something to watch, participate in, and something to represent themselves with. Football and baseball are have been America’s favorite sports since way before the 1950’s. In 1950 a poll among 400 Associated Press sports writers selected an amazing player called Thorpe as the greatest male athlete and greatest football player of the first half of the 20th century.

Baseball in the 1950’s

Babe Ruth became a Major League Baseball player and player for the Orioles and then the Boston red socks .

Babe Ruth stayed with the Orioles and then Ruth was picked up by the major league Boston Red Sox team. (‘The 1950s Sports: Topics in the News.

’)He became a star playing with the Red Sox excelling at both pitching and hitting. Ruth played pitcher, outfielder, and first base for the team. he developed his skill for hitting, leading the league with 29 home runs in 1919.( ‘The 1950s Sports: Topics in the News.’ )Highlights from his time with the Red Sox include pitching and winning the longest game in World Series history the game against the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1916 lasted 14 innings.”(‘The 1950s Sports: Topics in the News.’)


“In 1949 two professional leagues of the Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League”. (“The 1950s Sports: Topics in the News.’ ) They were combined to become the most profitable and stable of all pro leagues, The National Basketball Association (NBA), during the decade, The NBA had not yet evolved into high-profile, or the other term.

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It was just a jumble of teams, many teams were financially shaky and noncompetitive.(“The 1950s Sports: Topics in the News.’)  The BAA was comprised of eleven teams. “The Boston Celtics, Chicago Stags, Cleveland Rebels, Detroit Falcons, New York Knickerbockers, Philadelphia Warriors, Pittsburgh Ironmen”. (“The 1950s Sports: Topics in the News.’ ) In 1949, Providence and Indianapolis disbanded, leaving the NBA with seventeen teams divided into three divisions.

In 1950 six teams had Anderson, Chicago, Denver, Sheboygan, St. Louis, and Waterloo. Washington in 1951 Indianapolis in 1953, and Baltimore in 1954.(‘The 1950s Sports: Topics in the News.’) Additionally, there were franchise shifts in with the teams which caused them to switch cities, sometimes names had to change as well. “In 1951 the Tri-Cities Blackhawks ended up becoming the Milwaukee Hawks.” “ In 1955, the Hawks moved to St. Louis. In 1957 the Fort Wayne Pistons shifted to Detroit and the Rochester Royals headed for Cincinnati, By the end of the decade the NBA became eight teams separated into two divisions.”( “The 1950s Sports: Topics in the News.’)

Fashion in the 50’s

Women’s clothing changed drastically in the 50’s. Clothing revolutionized, it changed the way people expressed themselves. Pedi coats , poodle skirts , and Capri pants added a pop of color and a little exposer to a girl or a women’s everyday attire. The 50’s were a period of rebellion, the Older women where not very happy with the clothing choice because they we’re told to cover.

The new look for women in the 50’s

Famous designer Christian Dior’s created a “New Look’ that took the fashion world and made it change tremendously.” (”Women’s Fashion in the 1950s, 1950-1959.’)The new look began to Emphasize the natural curves of a women, Dior’s fashions had the illusion of an hourglass(‘Women’s Fashion in the 1950s, 1950-1959.’)They fabrics and padding were used in different places to saturate the women’s body, the bosom was emphasized by skintight and tailoring adjustments , hips were padded, skirt’s were calf length, full, and ‘extravagant in its use of fabric’; the waist was slender, or ‘wasp.’ (‘Women’s Fashion in the 1950s, 1950-1959.’) By 1950 the sensuous Dior designs and the hourglass figure had revolutionized the begging of the era.

A little makeup didn’t hurt nobody

The 50’s essentials are fur stoles, Handbags, and satin pumps matched the dress. To make it even classier Gloves were always worn( ‘Women’s Fashion in the 1950s, 1950-1959.’) Hair was usually short and swept back. Make up was essential to women’s everyday lives . Arched eyebrows and dark lips completed the look. There was a large amount of detail always on painted lips and eyes. Lip got the most attention, women usually colored there lips fire-engine red. (‘Women’s Fashion in the 1950s, 1950-1959.’) Women believed in that era believed that make up was another way to express themselves besides clothing and to have more fun applying and showing it off.( ‘Women’s Fashion in the 1950s, 1950-1959.’)

Pedi coats & Poodle skirts

Pedi coats are underskirts that they’d put under the traditional Poodle skirts to create a fuller look. Poodle skirts are a wide swing felt skirt . There usually a solid color and have a coiffed poodle embellished on the corner. As a substitute for the poodle embellishment they added a flamingo embellishment. (Men’s fashion in the 1950’s)

Men’s fashion in the 1950’s

The traditional clothing for men in the 1950’s were either rebellious or classy, but while classy took it’s course Bermuda shorts made a big splash, some men wore them to parties and country club’s, (Men’s Fashion in the 1950s, 1950-1959) Sports jackets and knee-length socks let men show off there favorite sports team. Jackets with gray flannel slacks were standard among conservative dresser’s. (Men’s Fashion in the 1950s, 1950-1959) Sports jackets came in a variety of colors for there favorite team. Continental jackets which where for the more classy male had lightly padded shoulders and hung straight in the back. (Men’s Fashion in the 1950s,) 1950-1959 Slim-cut slacks were sometimes worn cuffless and with a trim belt often in a bright color. (Men’s Fashion in the 1950s, 1950-1959)

Long- or short-sleeved sport shirts came in lightweight, washable synthetics . The shirts Usually were wrinkle-free. (men’s clothing 1950’s) Hawaiian ‘aloha’ shirts were very popular during the 1950’s men usually wore them at backyard barbecues. (Men’s Fashion in the 1950s) In conclusion the 1950’s is all about people finding out there true self and taking risk’s. People are finding out there true self and ways to express themselves through fashion and sports. Fashion let’s people be more risky like using red lipstick and wearing hourglass defining clothing and skirts that didn’t cover up your leg’s. Sports helped people find strength within and helped kids, adults, and elders have something to confide in, also have something to enjoy.

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