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“It is not about the destination, but the journey itself.”” This resonated to me in so many levels. Here’s the story of my first ever solo trip to Namabuddha. For me the destination was Namabuddha. All the moments till I got there and back home is always memorable and vivid in my memories. Namabuddha is one of the Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal. It is said to be a sacred place where Buddha allowed the tigress to kill him to feed her cubs.

We can still find the caves there. The monasteries were decorated with a golden roof, symbols, gems, and mandalas.

What I love the most about Buddhist monasteries is the ‘ prayer flags ‘ which is believed to flutter and spread hope, kindness and generosity. Namabuddha was much more than I expected it to be. Walking uphill, we can see the sunrise, sunset, and even the Himalayas. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see the mountains due to bad weather. The place is surrounded with green forests and few inhabitants.

The place is well maintained, clean and natural. The most interesting part was the strangers I met along the way. How one can have a welcoming and unexpected bond with strangers.

I was invited to do meditation with the monks and listen to the prayers. Although I couldn’t understand a word, I still felt calm and safe. I made friends with a tour guide and Chinese couples who were kind enough to drop me back home. We all shared our stories, laughed at silly jokes and even took photographs.

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Often times we hear and worry about how world is not a safe place these days. Surprisingly, it was exactly the opposite today. I realized that there are more good people and how open and welcoming we all can be. Walking solo, talking to complete strangers, and putting myself to uncertainty is not something I do . It is totally out of my comfort zone .

No Matter how anxious or awkward I felt, I kept going. I realized that one is more capable than he thinks. Fears become less scary when we face them. All the fears , doubts, anxiety, laughter, and every single moment from this trip is worth remembering. So, I say again it wasn’t just about the destination but the journey itself was worth it . Heres my personal blog  juleyjournal.wordpress.com if you would like to read other sample writing.

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