World Religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam

What is Religion? For a long time, people have been asking a question about it, but no one has corrected the answer whether one religion is right, or another religion is wrong. Every person explains religion differently. Religion is a cultural system for a group of people who have shared the same beliefs. As any person can remember religion has been part of history for a long time. There are nearly 10,000 religious in that people are born or they can choose which one there prefer to be.

This essay is about the history of religions beginning with Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam.

Buddhism is a practice that focuses on spiritual behavior. It is mainly about the nature of life. It does not include worshipping any god. It is a practice of meditation which means changing ourselves by developing awareness, wisdom, and kindness. The history of Buddhism began nearly 5th century B.C. Hinduism is known as a parent of Buddhism. Which also shared the same belief in reincarnation, dharma, and ahimsa.

It is the practice by more than 300 million people. It is spread mostly in the south and east Asia. Fonder of Buddhism was Siddhartha Gautam who take a spiritual journey toward the path of Englighment. Siddhartha was born in a royal family in a small village in Nepal. He was always curious about human problems. He had different questions arise in this mind when he saw dead bodies, sick people, and different age people. He wanted to find the cause and solution to human problems.

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One day, Siddhartha decided to leave his royal palace and travel all around the world to find an answer. He also saw an Indian monk who suggested he follow self-discipline. He follows him and is extremely meditative for six years. Still, he didn’t find his answer. Finally, he decided to abandon his lifestyle and didn’t return to his kingdom. He didn’t stop to find answers and again that time he deeply meditation and achieved Enlightenment. After that, he spent 45 years teaching his philosophy across eastern India and Nepal. His teaching promoted four noble truths which are suffering, cause of suffering, end of suffering, and the path that ends suffering. Enlightenment is also known as Nirvana. There are another few people who got nirvana across the world which is known as Buddhas.

Hinduism is known as the oldest religion. It is recognized by one god, Brahmas, and includes deities such as Vishnu, Shiva, and Devi. There is no founder of Hinduism and not a common set of teaching. Hindus believe in spirit and soul. They also believe in reincarnation, death of the physical body, the soul lives on, and being reborn in a new body. The history of Hinduism began in the 19th century. It is the practice of most people from India and Nepal. Now there are nearly 900 million people worldwide. Hindu worship began with prayer images or icons. Prayer will be done by repeating mantras and offering god with flowers, water, and fruit. Hinduism was started in Indus Valley around 1500 B.C. First, it was the religion of the Aryan people whose philosophy is known as the Vedas. It includes prayer, hymn, and spelling.

Christianity is the world’s greatest religion. There were nearly 2.1 billion people. Christianity was divided into three different branches such as Roman Catholics, Protestants, and Eastern Christians. Christianity was beginning around the 1st century. Christine believes in the holy God Jesus Christ. Jesus was born around 2000 years ago. He was born into a Jewish family in Palestine. His father was known as the Holy Spirit of God. His follower consider that he was a massager sent to earth to help people from slavery, death, and sin. They think God sent Jesus in a human form because he can understand their problem and guide them in a better way. During that time, he informed people to love God and forgive other people with all their hearts. He cured sick people and told a lot of stories about what God wanted people to follow. This way he raised a lot of followers. After seeing this Roman governor decided to punish him. People were found his body was raised from death. After the painful sacrifice of his life on the cross, he shows the love of God to their people. Jesus’ death and rebirth were celebrated on Easter. The holy book of Christine is Bible. It teaches why people suffer, about death, and the happiness of the family.

Isham is the second greatest religion in the world. There is a followers of 1.8 million people. Isham believes in only one god Allah. Most of the people were from India and Indonesia. There is also 7 million Muslims in United State. They were divided into two groups Sunnis and Shiites. However, they share the same beliefs. There are five pillars of Islam which are Shahadah, Salat, Zakah, Sawm, and Hajj. They believe in the scripture of the Koran which was written in the Arabic language. It is remembered as a lifetime of Muhammad. It indicates moral and spiritual value. The history of Islam began in the 7th century. First, it was started in Mecca, Saudi Arabia during the era of Muhammad’s life. Muhammad was sad with people when he saw people were worshipping different gods and they have forgotten the message of Prophet Abraham to praying one god. Muhammad likes to be meditated. Suddenly he started to receive messages from god. Muhammad was the final prophet directed by God to declare his beliefs to people. Through the Islamic text, angles were ordered by Muhammad to deliver the decision of Allah.

Overall, Religion is the same belief shared by a group of people. Where we can see the history of religions beginning with Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. There are so many religions that people themselves are born with it or can be able to choose. But every religious concept is awareness and finding moral value. We must respect all religions. Growing up in a multicultural society people need to understand each other religion which will help them to know other people better. A lot of people don’t have a spiritual belief but what is important is to accept other people and respect their beliefs this way we can maintain a peaceful society.

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