"Willnot" by Crime Writer James Sallis

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Tom Bales Hound is very excited, as the early morning at the old gravel pit blows him a strong smell in the nose. His master informed Sheriff Hobbes, who moves in with a few prisoners, and it does not take long until the first bone then corpses have revealed shoveled. To assess the local physician is summoned. He runs directly from the operating room to the location, but heavy rain thwarted once further investigation.

Time to Dr. to put Lamar Hale into focus, the protagonist formed, entertaining narrator, wise man for all important questions of life and all medical matters, even the most hopeless cases among residents of the (fictional) town willnot.

Because Lamar is recognized as a good doctor, a general practitioner with neuropsychological expertise. One wonders why he opened just in this location after studying his practice that looks like living in the seventies. It boasts, for example, the extraordinary tolerance of its inhabitants: None so differently she or he may also behave’ll isolated.

It is the town (as the sheriff) full of crazy characters.

Just as countless patients give each other the latch practice in hand, so they all look just the novel by. The dedicated doctor puts us every one of its visitors before and gives us a glimpse into the specifics of each marked by vicissitudes life cycle. If he does not judge in his office, Lamar is at the operating table in the hospital, where he was undaunted, each challenge of death and sometimes loses a counterpoint to his grueling work week (the seven days include may ) Lamar found in his life partner Richard.

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Also practicing his profession with passion. His opponents are certainly not illness and death, but indifference and distraction of his pupils at the high school.

Lamar knows well from his waiting room, “a colorful salad of T-shirts, shorts, slogans, ripped jeans ironed Kakihosen, tattoos, long hair, no hair, iPads and smart phones, MP3 players, sweat, smell of tobacco and eau” , He observed the male yobs “with their ritual one-liners, their poses and rehearsed indifference” and thinks of Elias Canetti’s “Crowds and Power”: “adaptation and imitation, platitudes, and how the attraction of the group pulls one from the center and its self ” would Lamar Hale can easily fail looking for their Even as a child. His father had “found his niche” as a science fiction writer and wanted it also to accommodate his son – “a dynasty of two men sitting upright in front of their keyboards and chop at the disorder of the world, one set after another.” Lamar resisted this dream and became a doctor.

In addition to the disappointed expectation of his father coined the boy a mysterious illness. He spent his twelfth year of life in a coma, was in a parallel universe. There “visitors” came to him, only a few out of the hospital environment, but eventually “hundreds” went through him. Even today, he experienced while awake, that he suddenly is not “here”, and restless sleep he dreams in “multiple worlds” where a ghost occurs, talk to him, then goes out.

Such influential powerful memories like seeking to life with his mind, never really sedentary parents come up again and again as flashbacks and sometimes break seamlessly into the Roman presence. “Life has lived forward, but can be understood backward.”

Oh yes – the verscharrten corpses … appetizers, we learn more and more also of the progress and income of the investigation. The team of professionals manages State Trooper Sebastian Daiche whose remarkable resume (excavations in Bosnia, New Orleans and Sudan) illustrates his qualifications. His “circus” transformed the locality into a mixture of “chaotic Scout camp, a religious sweating you-your-way-to-glory revival and a market stall for large, box-shaped electronic equipment”.

Regardless of the effort run the analyzes in the sand. Was it four bodies or six or maybe more? Who were they? Where did they come? Why they died? Who knows New storyline – New happiness. He takes his run, as Brandon Lowndes after fourteen years of absence back into Doc Lamar practice emerges. With it, the doctor share a common experience, “one of those strange mirror, which sometimes faced a life.” Also Brandon was caused by an accident ( “landed with sixteen on the wrong end of a prank Boy”), long in a coma until he with the words “Passing through” returned to life. Even now is “Bobby”, as it is called today, only “in transit”. Where from, where? In addition he is silent.

A little later, an FBI agent sitting in Dr. Nor do they interrogate Hales surgery due to illness, but to him about Brandon Lowndes. His work as a sniper in the Marines had ended ingloriously, so she wanted to wait for him here. However, although Brandon Bobby a few days is shot after he escaped her and her authority by them up out of the hospital.

The protagonist is a melancholy existentialist ( “a possible self I got up … and went to work”). Hope and strength he draws only from faith in “the ability of people to be slightly better than his important efforts innate instincts and inclinations.” In Richard he has found an ideal partner to pursue the questions of life and death in conversation, carried about both – “how is it that the cruelty never decreases, how is it that we are wasting everything in such a breakneck speed, or why we fathers in heaven need. ” make consensual and relaxes their daily brew of “kit” an omelette together or “see what falls off the shelves,” and decreed if the world politics all too very depressed, at times a “news embargo”. In the background meow Dickens, their old tired cat.

While the plot as many holes as a Swiss cheese and most puzzles has remain unresolved, such as Plotansätze end in nothing, so stimulating, unconventional and surprising is the narrative so pointedly and profound, sometimes amusing, sometimes profound, are the dialogues, so unusual and memorable, some images ( “His skin reminded me of the ceiling of an old guitar.”). All this makes “willnot” to a delightful reading. but the thriller elements are merely the glue that holds everything together.

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"Willnot" by Crime Writer James Sallis
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