Will Adultery Matter In My Florida Divorce Case?

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Before 1971, adultery was grounds for a Florida divorce. In current times, however, couples can file for divorce based on ‘irreconcilable differences’- simply meaning the marriage isn’t working. Specifics are not normally necessary. Adultery can still be a factor despite the no-fault states. Talk with your Orlando Divorce Attorney to see how this could affect your divorce.

Why Adultery Might Matter?

Why a marriage broke down could be a deciding factor in asset distribution in Florida divorce cases. If, for example, a spouse was utilizing marital assets for the benefit of an affair or creating debts to keep the affair going, these issues will be taken into consideration when the court is distributing assets and debts.

Because Florida distributes property equitably, not necessarily equally, these behaviors could be reflected in the final divorce settlement. Discuss this situation with your Orlando Divorce Attorney to see how this will impact your specific settlement.


When calculating alimony, the courts take a myriad of factors, most of those financial, into consideration.

However, there are other- secondary- issues that they also use when deciding on support orders. Infidelity on the part of one partner is one of the factors that will be taken into review when making these decisions. Your Orlando Divorce Attorney will review the factors with you to ensure that your support order is fair and equitable and that your rights are protected in the face of infidelity.

Custody of Minor Children

When deciding on child custody, one aspect that the courts look at is the ‘moral fitness of the parents.

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When there is infidelity in a marriage, this can be looked at negatively -especially when it has an impact on a parent’s ability to take care of their children, or if the affair affected the children’s emotional or psychological wellbeing. Adultery does not mean that a parent will lose custody, but the courts do not look favorably on these situations when deciding the placement of a child.

Emotions Matter in Family Law Cases

Divorce is a highly emotional time in anyone’s life, and when children are involved this only adds to the stress. A couple needs to be able to communicate through the process and come up with solutions that are beneficial to all of those involved. When adultery is a part of the equation, this can bring even more anger and hurt into the process- making it difficult to find solutions that work. During this time, lean on your Orlando Divorce Attorney and let them help you through the emotional mediation and divorce process.

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If you find yourself needing assistance with a divorce or child custody case in the Orlando area, contact an Orlando Divorce Attorney to help you through the emotional times ahead.

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