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Nowadays, esports are populer in the world. An article in Growth Business UK “The Benefit of Esport Betting” talk about positive impact of esports betting. Stewart Ritchie as author say that a regulated esports betting market can offer to betting enthusiasts, viewers, and esports teams also players. I think esports wagering also bring negative impact and it could destroy economy of family, organization, sponsor,etc.

In the article “The Benefit of Esports Betting” Stewart Ritchie say that esports wagering give some benefits such as more spectators, give better sponsorship, and increase income and reward.

Firstly, more viewers. An event if available to do wagering will attract more participant rather than event without betting. Secondly, give better sponsorship. Sponsor look for security and popularity to promote their company. Thirdly, increase earnings and prize. More sponsor and participant will give more salary and reward. At this moment, some people argue that esport betting will be the failure of esports and other claim it will be the end of esports.

But, esports wagering has been culture in esports along with period.

“……A lot of people say that eSports betting will ultimately be the downfall of eSports……” according Ritchie. That sentence is not false therefore in the future esports may disappear. Why do I say like that? Because some people agree with esports wagering and other not. Most Indonesian assume that gambling is disabled as gambling come from west culture during colonial age. Some west culture in Indonesia like gambling, free sex, cheating, monopoly, and many more are incompatible with Pancasila and religion.

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That’s true one of benefit esports wagering is more spectators, but there is certain purpose. Influence the viewers is effective step to gain more participant. They will be stimulated to bet. They just want to join it without think about consequences in future. People usually fall for the grand prize of wager or the esports team whose they support. They are hopeful get the grand prize. From my point of view, esports betting same with play casino. The different is on how to play the games. Each game has their own rules, but still have wagering. Betting need money, so people must spend their money in the games if they want to bet. Once trying wager and won the prize, they will be addicted to do it, more and more, until they spend all of their money. There will be ultimate prize in betting therefore more participants will be wagering to get ultimate prize. This behaviour makes there are no limit between virtual treasure and real treasure. Betting just make you poorer.

Esports wagering absolutely give better sponsorship. Sponsor looking for professional player who can improve their company. I personally feel sponsor do not care how pro player promote their company and only accept the result. Ordinary, it is such work in a company. If you as worker can’t advance the company, you will be fired.

The writer claim esport betting affect salary and prize of event become bigger. The winner gets the reward and the loser gets regret. This is common case in a match. If I won the, I would think twice. One human get much money while other people regret sacrifice their money for betting and they do not get anything except regret. To my mind, income from esports betting are not good. Have you thought the consequences each of your behaviour? Well, in Islam gambling is one of the big sins. It is prohibited for each Moslem to do the gambling, because there are rule in Al Qur’an ((QS. Al-Maidah :90-91). Gambling is a despicable action. Then, stay away from it in order to get lucky. Actually, the devils mean to bring out enmity in human through gambling and block human from remembering Allah SWT and pray. So, stop gambling. In addition, bet cause the subject motivated to do crime, even betting is one of the crimes. You must have money to participate wagering therefore current betting reward come from participants money. If you do not have money, you will be motivated to get money from anyone such as stealing, cheating, etc. In family, this behaviour will cause broken home. Because of one of the family member wagering, he/she cross out reputation of the family. Wager just wasting your time, I think better we help other people or doing something which give us benefit rather than betting. Wager make the subject lazy, in his/her mind just want to win the wager more and more, they do not care anything except bet.

For example, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. In CS: GO, there are many luxury items which can support the game. Of course, every player CS: GO want to own it, but they must buy it with their money. In addition, that items can be used wager, if they won the wagering, they would get more items. Can gamers refuse this? This is how developer game get advantages.

Esports wagering must be banned for it can harm the subject and other people who join the gambling. I acknowledge esports betting legal in USA, Sweden, CIS, and many more. Nevertheless, Indonesia ideology is not same with the America or Europe country ideology.

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