Uber Case Study Analysis

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Travis Kalanick is portrayed as a confident, highly driven natural salesman/entrepreneur who didn’t mind upsetting others to get what he wanted. His first venture was an academy for SAT preparation, next he worked for a collegemate’s company Scour which was later sued for copyright infringement which it lost and closed down after filling bankruptcy, he then immediately started Red Swoosh which faced several issues including fall out between the founders, financial problems and a turbulent growth, until he finally sold it in 2007.

Now a millionaire, Kalanick travelled for a period and then started Uber with 3 other co-founders quickly becoming its CEO. Kalanick was hardworking and effective but was also reckless, brash, pompous and made enemies quickly without caring if they were important to his business, like regulators, the taxi industry and even customers who were critical of the company’s service which was known to the world when a video of him arguing indecently with a driver was made public.

These qualities influenced his employees, those who followed his style of work were called “uberettos” which was not considered a compliment. The company’s culture was also influenced by his personality and unethical behavior became common as they used questionable actions against Lyft a rival company by abusing their service and convincing its employees to switch to Uber. It also flouted many laws, used its app to gather personal information of users without consent, used software tools to avoid getting caught in government investigations and didn’t value its female employees equally with men along with rampant sexual harassment.

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Another example of such practices is when it used behavioral science and other techniques to manipulate its driver and make them work longer hours.


Uber as a company continues to grow, even if sometimes slower than usual, this is because of its innovative and disruptive idea in a sector that has been dormant for very long time, transparent billing and genuine need for ease of access for cabs for common people. These are the main reasons why uber as a company has been able to survive all these controversies. Uber has been a company which has been winning continuously and after the streak was ended due to these troubles .In today’s competitive and often shifting business environment it now needs to start winning again to stay in its position of number one ridesharing company in the world.

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Uber Case Study Analysis
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