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Why try to blend in when you can choose how to stand out?”—this quote constitutes Amy Deanna’s voice over on her CoverGirl commercial. Amy Deanna is a model with vitiligo, a condition that causes the skin to lose pigment cells; Deanna therefore appears to stand out with her dual tone and patches of irregularly marked areas of skin.

Deanna uses the two shades of Trublend foundation to even her skin tone, actually revealing her true skin color instead of covering up the noticeable skin coloration common to vitiligo.

This advertisement therefore targets ladies who are scared to stand out because of people around them might not like them and people who prefer to enhance their natural beauty instead of a fake beauty. In today’s society, more people are choosing to blend in order for them to fit in, to be recognized and accepted—that seems like the entire purpose of makeup in general, to hide one’s imperfections.

The 15 seconds commercial teaches you that you should not be ashamed of who you are, and that you should accept your flaws and that this ‘idiosyncrasy’ or ‘difference’ are what makes us unique. Since more people are using makeup to be more confident to express themselves, CoverGirl introduces a foundation that brings out your natural look that complements your skin tone. Amy Deanna’s exposure on Covergirl’s advertisement utilized pathos; accepting the uniqueness she possesses gives the audience more confidence on revealing one’s true identity.

CoverGirl is a cosmetic brand company started in 1961, and is now available to purchase across the world for every woman of different makeup styles or skin colors; their ethos is very strong.

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They offer makeup product from lipsticks, foundations, concealers and eyeshadows, which have now become more affordable for women from all walks of life. Although offering affordable products, Covergirl makes sure they give the best quality to its consumers. The company enhances its products and advertisements to attract its target customers, women wanting to look more natural despite having makeup on. The TruBlend advertisement with Amy Deanna appeals the audience that with this product they can express themselves, as what their slogan says, “I am What I Make Up”. CoverGirl does not target only teens or adults but plans to attract both in buying their products to get the most customer. From their other advertisement of the products, they use different types of models from what their style to skin color they have and even Maye Musk to appeal older women.

This TruBlend advertisement from Covergirl portrays a woman who seem to have imperfections on her skin color, uneven skin tone caused by vitiligo. This advertisement engages its viewers to feel that CoverGirl knows the feeling of being unattractive coming from not having even skin tone. In the ad Deanna shows how using CoverGirl’s TruBlend foundation not only evens your skin tone but also making you stand out amongst everyone, accepting your imperfections and feeling better for yourself. As Deanna applies the foundation, it shows that she is feeling more confident with the beauty she have within herself; gives the audience an idea that using this product will definitely boost their confidence.

The use of background color added a great factor in alluring the audience to watch the fifteen seconds advertisement since the colors can foment a great sense of pathos. It can irritate the viewers or make them feel refreshed regarding what they are looking at or watching. The color white signifies freshness, sincerity, and perfection, which makes the viewers focus on Deanna’s first look without TruBlend and after applying the foundation that revealing her real skin tone. Since everyone who uses makeups wants for themselves to look perfect, whether to boost their self-esteem or it’s what makes them comfortable, the color choice of Covergirl for the advertisement is ideal in promoting their product for consumer to buy it. Covergirl Trublend makeup promotes keeping natural image of an individual by embracing her imperfections.

Dominic Gonzales, my friend, said the following “I will definitely buy this for my girlfriend uhm natural skin color? Why not, right?”(01). Enhancing your natural beauty is better than hiding your flaws just to fit in impressing someone. Makeup brings confidence to most women in which they feel beautiful and express themselves; an art of their own. Flaw is what make a person unique over anyone; accepting your flaw highlights your distinct quality of yourself that makes you who you are. Trublend foundation reveals your real skin colors, shows imperfections; makes you stand out and be recognized.

Covergirl TruBlend foundation commercial persuades its audience emotionally targeting women with low self esteem due to imperfections and beauty standard set by either celebrities or just simply another girl she personally know. In the society we are living having uneven skin tone needs enhancement, an individual should conceal it with makeup to look beautiful and to not feel like your a different person and be able to fit in. In Covergirl commercial shows that you can be beautiful naturally that your imperfection is what makes you stand out. It persuades the audience that this imperfections that makes an individual unique should not be hidden. Covergirl gives a product that does not hide one’s natural beauty instead something that enhances an individual’s flaw; still building the person’s confidence and represents herself as who she is. Trublend advertisement does not only bring a product that highlights your uniqueness but also made us aware of the struggle of a person with vitiligo. Covergirl spreads awareness on vitiligo and using Trublend helps on accepting your imperfections; stand out!

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