Tips and Guide on Make Up Artistry as a Career

There is hardly anything in life that can change a person’s appearance, demeanour and confidence in the way that well applied make up can: Elizabeth Taylor had the perfect attitude towards it when she said that “put[ting] on some lipstick” would help you to pull yourself together. Whilst some people have natural beauty, and some people have a natural ability with make-up, like anything else in life, being taught the basics will become a tool that can aid you on your way to not only a career, but also a confidence within yourself.

Make up can be as subtle, or as dramatic as you want and can portray to the world whatever you feel on a particular day. First of all, you should be learning about make up because you have a keen interest in it: whether you want to use your newly found make up skills for a career-path, or just to expand your knowledge, interest is key.

Make up artistry can be tough, and requires a lot of effort – it is becoming an increasingly popular career choice. Make up artistry is a career in which a person needs to constantly be able to adapt to the changing nature of fashion within beauty: quarterly throughout the year, trends change, and you will be expected to adapt to that change. One wonderful part of being a make-up artist will be that you will learn skills that can help you further specialise within make up: teaching, fashion, photography, media & theatre are all career paths which you could decide to go down.

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In turn, this will allow you to keep your skills and techniques fresh, allowing you to flourish within the industry.

To get into make-up artistry, aspiring make-up artists will enrol in specialist make-up or beauty therapy courses, which can include:

  • BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Production Arts (Makeup)
  • VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Hair and Makeup at levels 2 and 3, and Level 3 Diploma in Theatrical, Special Effects and Media Make-up
  • ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Fashion and Specialised Makeup City and Guild Diploma in Hair and Media Makeup at levels 2 and 3
  • Foundation degrees, BTEC HNCs/HNDs and degrees in media make-up
  • Intensive courses at private makeup schools

It is completely true that you don’t need make up to be beautiful – a face full of cosmetics does not a beautiful woman make, but it does equip you with an extraordinary tool that can change not only your life, but other peoples. Imagine being able to make up a woman whose confidence has been shattered: the illusion you create will add to her self-worth, and self-esteem. Bobbi Brown, the wonderful make up guru and entrepreneur believes in exactly that – empowering women through the use of make-up “Make up is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.”

Makeup artist Ruby Hammer began her career assisting an established makeup artist for a year and worked her way up from there. “I still feel challenged and excited by my job, although it isn’t glamorous all the time – the hours can be long and irregular and you’re away from home a lot. You have to be professional at all times, be able to get on with lots of different people and build relationships in a short space of time. Be passionate as it is is super competitive, just approach it with a professional attitude and don’t give up.”

YouTube is a brilliant way for learning about make-up and skincare, and will give you a small-scale taster of what a make-up course will be like. YouTube gives you the opportunity to learn make up basics, and to find further information on any part of make-up that you are particularly interested in. Lisa Eldridge is one of the most influential women in the creation of make up in the UK – having just resigned as creative director of No7, she knows a thing or two about not only make up, but has been responsible for covers and editorials in the likes of Vogue.

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