Time Spent on Social Media Should Be Diverted to Productive Activities

How many times have your parents asked you to get off the internet? Ever since the invention of the internet in the nineties, many problems were solved, such as; communicating with friends and relatives who lived abroad, However, the invention of the internet was supposed to help countries to advance and develop, and it may have succeeded in doing so. But, many teenagers are now addicted to the internet that they have to check their phones every five minutes. Social media addiction is becoming a worldwide problem, and changing lifestyle is the best solution for the problem.

The excessive use of social media outlets has become a serious problem For it results in an addiction to a virtual world where nothing is real. The problem is that it had become very common and people do not admit that they’re addicted.

Youngsters are no longer satisfied doing everyday activities unless they share it online, As a result, social media addicts tend to avoid face to face interactions, preferring to communicate through social media outlets, such as Facebook, Facebook is a platform for people to publish everything about their daily and personal life.

Everyone is hooked on this website and they involuntary check their account every five minutes. Such platforms expose one’s private life to the public, for they fail to protect one’s privacy, To every problem there’s a solution, and changing lifestyle is the best solution for this problem Many are currently struggling with their addiction to social media, Addicts have to go step by step to put an end to their addiction, just like alcoholics and drug addicts.

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The first step would be to limit their mobile phone usage. Instead of checking their phones every five minutes, they have to hold out longer than that. Moreover, addicts can pick up new hobbies to curb their hunger to social media. Reading and doing sports are two possible time—consuming, yet beneficial, activities addicts can turn their sights to Reading is very beneficial to the mind, and can simply help addicts to gradually overcome their addiction. Additionally, going out and spending time with friends is another step towards social media addiction-free life, as long as mobile phones are not to be used in such meetings. Another solution that may be applicable is to use the addiction for a purpose or to develop a hobby A social media addict can spend his or her time online to start a writing blog A writing blog is a free website that offers its users to write whatever they want to.

They can also publish these writings on the website, where many people can read and give feedback Receiving feedback or even criticism, constructive or not, could help one to grow the skill he or she lacks. Additionally, one could develop a new hobby that can bring extra income such as photography. Photography may seem easy, but it is not, One can grow his or her photography skill by taking online courses that aim to advance the skill. Moreover, there are many websites where one could sell his or her photos for a decent price. However, this solution is most likely not to work. Social media addicts, in general, spend their time on time-consuming and addicting platforms such as Facebook, and as one’s addiction deepens to these platforms, it is very hard to stop checking them unconsciously every five minutes In addition, this solution may actually increases one’s addiction for he will be more attached to the project he decides to do online The addiction to social media is a serious problem that needs to be addressed, Changing one’s lifestyle is the optimal solution for this issue. Whereas developing a hobby online may actually deepens one’s addiction. By 2020, three out of five people are more likely to suffer from this addiction.

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