Theme Park On Accidents

When people think of amusement parks, the first thing that pops to mind is experiencing exciting thrill rides and eating junk food. However, have you ever given thought to how many deaths occur from roller coaster incidents? In America’s major theme parks the number of deaths have risen. Sometimes the park may be to blame, but some are accidents due to the fault of riders. A documentary reported 10 fractures, 110 injuries, and 45 head injuries in just one year. Safety takes a big part in riding roller coasters, not only do you have to be a certain height but also qualify the weight limit.

It’s important to follow all rules to any amusement park for the safety of adults and children.

Making sure you are buckled in appropriately and have all loose items stored away can make a big difference. However, you can be perfectly secured in the cart and still have an injury due to the ride, Either it be the fast turns or the unexpected drops.

All over the world park incidents happen, in fact the U.S has the most deadliest roller coasters. Most freak accidents are due to lap bars coming undone, and people being ejected from their seats. Here’s some of the top five deadliest accidents due to coasters: Struck to a woman’s head when a Japanese coaster derailed

In Osaka, Japan, A roller coaster went 15 years without a hitch. Many years passed and the coaster derailed throwing passengers. A 19 year old girl hit her head on a guardrail after falling so many feet down causing her to die instantly.

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Daughter and mother died after being flung out of a cart In ocean city, New Jersey, A mother and daughter rode a roller coaster. As it came to the highest peak the chain that releases the carts down had broken, Leaving the carts to fall backwards. 2 bodies then flew out the cart leading to their deaths. Lap bar came undone throwing the passengers out In Myrtle Beach’s Magic Harbor, a 13 year old girl fell to her death.

She was seated properly, but when the ride started her lap bar came undone and she flew out. Cart on Nebraska’s Big Dipper fell to the ground In Krung Park, Nebraska, Several people died. The cart fell off the tracks due to brake failure. 4 people died of being crushed, the other 19 were injured. A teenager was decapitated by a roller coaster At Six Flags over Georgia a teenager boy lost his hat while on the ride. After getting off the ride he jumped over the fence to retrieve it back. Only to see another cart coming in his direction 50 miles per hour. There was no way he had enough time to react and before he knew it it struck him in the head and decapitated him. This concludes all the tragedies that happen from roller coasters deaths all over the world.

There’s nothing like lows and highs, twists and turns, and the weightless feeling that keeps your heart pumping. Although the most common injuries are the head, back, and neck. Amusement park rides can cause brain injuries from extremely rapid speeds. As the ride turns it can throw your head back and forth causing the brain to get injured. If you have a brain injury symptoms can be headaches, dizziness and sleepiness. Rides can increase blood temperature and heart rate. If you suffer from high blood pressure or any heart problems its best to just stay off rides. If you get off a ride feeling a headache or disorientation, then you should go see a doctor.

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