Friendship in Alexie's Part Time Indian

In the book “The Absolutely True Diurv of a Part-Time Indian ” By Sherman Alexie. I think the theme is friendship. Friendship is a very strong bond. The most important lesson I think which was conveyed in the book was that friendship is something that will always be there for you in your time of need, and is something that everyone can experience Some ways that I believe this is because when Arnold got an email from Rowdy, when Rowdy was there for him when his sister died and also when Arnold was getting bullied.

It can be applied to my life to improve my friendship with my friends. When Arnold got bullied by the Andruss brothers, Rowdy stood up for him and defended him. “I’m going to kill those basterds”. This shows that Rowdy was really mad when the Andruss brothers were bullying Arnold. Arnold also states that Rowdy didn’t really kill them but, he shaved off their eyebrows and cut their braids.

“Then Rowdy snuck in, and shaved off their eyebrows, and cut off their braids”.

Rowdy really did mean what he meant but not the literal meaning but it shows that Rowdy kept his promise in a way. This is one reason why I believe that Arnold and Rowdy are truly friends. The second reason I believe that friendship is a strong bond is because, after the rematch basketball game against Wellpinit, Arnold guards Rowdy and actually blocks his shot and because of him that’s what led to their victory.

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But after the game when Arnold thought that Rowdy hates him, he then sends him an email back for the first time in a long time. “Now that might just sound like a series of homophobic insults, but I think it was also a little bit friendly, and it was the first time that Rowdy had talked to me since I left the rez”.

So even when Arnold thought that their friendship was over, it wasn’t, they were just getting over a fight that is common in friendships Rowdy still cared enough to email Arnold this, and it shows their friendship though the text in the book. When Arnold got the email he sounded very excited. “I was a happy faggot”. The last reason is that when Arnold’s sister died, you know who was there for him? You guessed it, it was Rowdy, Rowdy was there and stated that he cared for Arnold’s sister also, “It’s okay; I miss my sister, too. I love her”.

Arnold even made the mistake of touching Rowdy’s shoulder but instead of landing a punch on his face he joked saying that he missed because of the tears in his eyes, “I reached out and touched Rowdy‘s shoulders Big mistake. He punched me Well, he almost punched me He threw a punch but he MISSED”. In conclusion, I believe this was also the main theme of the book. Rowdy shows that he cares and that they are true friends In the end they do what they first versed each other in, basketball I can apply this to my life because it can improve my friendship with my friends and how I can tell if I am being a good friend or not. It also helps me with meet new people or making new friends. It will also make me a better person in general if I’m friendly.

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