Love and Violence in Romeo and Juliet

Fights and love should not be combined. William Shakespeare shows this in the most famous love story of all times, “Romeo and Juliet.” In the city of Verona, Italy, many centuries ago, two lovers try to be together despite the fight held between their families Romeo’s family, the Montagues, and Juliet’s family, the Capulets, haven been enemies since unmemorable times. Before meeting Juliet, Romeo is in love with Rosaline, who does not return his love. He wanders around feeling miserable because of this.

Juliet’s situation is different. She is young and an obedient daughter. Paris wants to marry her, although she doesn’t know him. When Romeo meets Juliet at Capulet’s party their lives change drastically. Shakespeare narrates the story of these two young lovers and how they tragically die for love, Romeo and Juliet have different characteristics. Juliet shows to be more mature than her beloved Romeo.

This can be seen on their different attitudes toward love and danger, and by analyzing the language they use to describe each other.

Romeo’s attitude toward love reveals his impulsiveness and his desire for a physical relationship, whereas Juliet proves to be reasonable, practical, and mature, and she is interested in commitment. When Romeo sees Juliet standing on her balcony, he remembers Rosaline and how she could not have any physical contact because of her chastity. Then Romeo expresses that he want Juliet to “cast off her Vestal livery”. Romeo’s desire for a physical relationship is shown when Juliet is leaving and he stops her and asks “Wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?” The word “unsatisfied” reveals that Romeo was expecting to get something physical from Juliet and that he was disappointed not to get it.

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Juliet shows her desire for their relationship to grow and shows that she is willing to wait for a physical relationship when she responds to Romeo’s questions asking him “what satisfaction canst thou have tonight?”

Juliet is interested on commitment and a strong relationship, She wants Romeo to have good intentions. She wants him to let her know if his “purpose marriage,” She wants to let their relationship grow properly instead ofjust having a physical relationship. Romeo proves to be unconscious of the dangerous situation, saying that love gives him superpowers, while Juliet is aware of the danger and acts with maturity This is shown when Juliet warns Romeo about the danger he‘s in, and tells him that if her kinsmen see him, “they will murder thee’i Romeo seems to ignore the danger and acts impulsively and not practically at all. He tells Juliet that she shouldn’t worry, that he is hiding in the dark and that he would rather die “than death prorogued wanting of thy love”. He doesn’t seem to realize how dangerous their situation is He gives more importance to love than to death Juliet tries to make him understand that her kinsmen will kill him “considering who thou art,” This means that because he is a Montague, her family members are his enemies and will have no mercy if they find him, Romeo feels like his love for Juliet gives him powers that he didn’t have before, “therefore thy kinsmen are no let to me.”

He shows no consciousness about the dangerous situation Romeo and Juliet show to have different characters. This can be seen on the language they use to describe each other. Romeo uses hyperbole and imagery to describe Juliet as something bright and celestial, while Juliet uses more similes and her comparisons are simpler. Romeo gives a bright image of Juliet. He makes her seem like something out of this world He says about Juliet that “it is the east, and Juliet is the sun“ He tends to exaggerate Juliet’s qualities and beauty. When he asks her to speak again, he calls her “bright angel”, giving an image of something bright and celestiali Juliet, instead of using exaggerated comparisons, uses simple but beautiful language to describe Romeo, This can be proved when she compares their love to a “bud of love by summer’s breath” and says that she hopes it grows to a “beauteous flower” when they see each other again.

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