Love In Romeo And Juliet

The development of love between Romeo and Juliet is very rapid and sudden. It is definitely love at first sight, or in Romeo’s case, just an aftershock after the downfall of a previous love. Both lovers have both experienced what they thought was true love; Romeo was in love with Rosaline, and Juliet was thinking of marrying Paris. This love can be seen as false love as, the moment that they set eyes upon each other their previous loves’ were all broken and a new one formed.

I feel that Romeo’s love for Rosaline was actually quite strong because he was in a state of utmost depression when she left him.

We do not find out much about Juliet’s love for Paris apart from the fact that she would like to meet him at the Capulet ball. Romeo and Juliet’s loved can be split up into four stages. These four stages occur in acts one and two.

The first time Romeo thinks of Juliet, is in a very abstract dream. In this dream, he does not directly thin of Juliet, but he thinks of a special person entering his life when he goes into the Capulet house, but this love will make him take his life. I think that this shows that their love is definitely made by fate.

The Ball Romeo And Juliet Analysis

Romeo actually sees Juliet for the first time at the Capulet ball, and thinks that she is the most beautiful creature and that she is a that has ever walked upon the Earth: “… Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear, so shows a snowy dove trooping with crows… ” when Romeo says this, he may be suggesting that all the other girls and woman at the party are like crows compared to the dove that is Juliet.

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This most probably includes Rosaline, as she is one of the girls at the party. This is stage one of the development of their love.

This shows that he loves her as soon as he sets his sight on her, and he even forgets his melancholy mood made by his last love leaving him. Stage two is when he goes and talks to her, even though all the Capulet’s have acknowledged that he is of the Montague family. This portrays that his love is extremely strong, that he is willing to go against centuries of hatred between their family names just to talk to Juliet. The event that represents how strong their love is, takes place when they kiss after a few seconds of talking.

Nowadays, kissing is not something that happens as soon as a man meets a woman, so it seems quite strange, however it may have been different in their day. I think that this is quite a significant stage of their love for each other as they have now forgotten about their preceding loves and are concentrating on each other. Stage three occurs when they talk about their love of each other at Juliet’s house. They also talk about how they would each change their names for each other just so that they could be together.

Juliet says that Montague is only a name and no part of Romeo so it doesn’t really matter anyway. Also, I think that the fact that when Juliet asks him how he got there Romeo says that “the love that first prompt me to inquire: he lent me counsel, I lent him eyes… ” This shows that Romeo is completely driven by his love for Juliet. However, he seems to have forgotten his dream about dying if this love continues. Finally, the fourth stage takes place when they agree to marry each other at nine o’clock the next morning.

This is the stage that surprised me the most, as they had only met for a few hours, had two conversations about how they loved each other, and decided to marry. In this scene Juliet is compared to the ‘beautiful moon, which brightens the night’ and is complimented several times by Romeo. After a few conversations, as mentioned above, they get married. This either shows that their love is a rushed love, or that it is true love and that they know it is true love.

All these stages show the extremely quick development of the love shared by Romeo and Juliet in acts one to two. It shows that they both forget whom they were meant to love or marry, and choose each other instead, in the space of two days. I feel that the development of their love only happened so quickly because fate told them to, and they both followed it. Also, I think it is because they thought each other to be the most beautiful thing that they had ever seen. Juliet obviously liked Romeo more than she like Paris, and Romeo like Juliet more than he like Rosaline.

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