Holden's Trust vs Mine

Catcher in the Rye, by JD. Salinger is a novel about a teenager named L-lolden. The story starts off with him in a mental hospital, discussing with a therapist how he is unable to trust anyonei On the other hand, he seems to have a connection with his old History teacher, Mr. Spencer. Still, he does not have much trust in him. As Mr. Spencer lectures Holden, Holden agrees with him aloud but silently disagrees. At first, he tells the therapist that he won’t tell him anything and that he doesn‘t trust him, but as the story goes on, he reveals more and more about his past I don‘t think that I am a very trusting person.

I wish that I could believe everything that people tell me, but people lie all of the time and it becomes hard to trust someone as they continue to lie.

It’s like the common saying: people don’t change No matter how many times you forgive them, they will do the same thing again and again You have to learn to move on, rather than stay in the past.

People can be worthy of my trust, but only if they tell the truth. Someone who continuously repeats their mistakes is not worthy of my time or my trust. The reason that] feel this way about trust is because of my family and friends There is always drama revolving around my life, and I would rather not take part in it.

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My parents have very little trust in me due to things that my older brother has done. It isn’t fair because those were his mistakes, not mine. I feel like I can trust most of my friends, and I know that they can trust me tool It is almost impossible to have a good relationship with your peers without trust.

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