The Student Problems and Mediation

Mediation can be applied in resolving conflicts in several contexts: from very simple disputes to very complex disputes on public policy. If we consider a simple dispute for instance fighting among students. mediation can be used to solve disputes between them. in the contexts of school environment, there are several conflicts that may arise amongst students. Students find themselves in moments of conflict due to their exposure to similar environments. Peer conflict resolution through mediation is regarded as very essential in helping the students in conflict to resolve their differences.

For instance, students normally fight over resources such as books. sitting positions, boyfriends and girlfriends and many other petty issues.

Though these issues are simple, they can have a great impact on the life of these students. Application of mediation in resolving conflicts between students is dependent upon six basic factors. First, the view of the students towards mediation is a crucial factor. Secondly. it is important to consider the methods that the students apply in resolving conflicts.

Thirdly. attitudes, feelings and students’ behavior while in school is an essential factor to determine whether mediation is applicable. The environment within the school is the forth factor while the nature of the process of mediation in terms of structure is fifth,

Lastly, issues within the society are critical in determining if to use mediation or not. students’ conflicts fit well for mediation, The factors necessary for mediation are met, For instance, the fact that students share so much in common means that they can easily embrace mediation, Also, in regard to poor methods of conflict resolution like fights and revenge, mediation may seem appropriate as all parties benefit.

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Being in school means that students feel good about it and therefore would Wish to make it better, Thus mediation can fulfill their needs. Finally, the environment in school, peer mediators and communal culture of unity greatly encourages use of mediation in schools.

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