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A key novel? A scandal? A literary assassination of two journalists at a unloved colleagues? No sooner had busted their camouflage pseudonym, was discussed in the arts pages hot, if the writers Thomas wanted to take Steinfeld (literary editor of the Süddeutsche Zeitung) and Martin Winkler revenge when they wrote a detective story in which one of the FAZ publisher Frank Schirrmacher every detail similar to, gets the skull smashed with a shovel we can readers the excitement care because we want to be entertained in the first place.

whether, in addition someone might pester someone with this book, as at best play a peripheral role.

So how is it with this “Swedish” crime “Stormen” (there is not), allegedly the Swede “Per Johansson “(there is not) written and” Alexandra Grafstein “(… exactly!) has translated from Swedish? Convinced he’s not me. Bertil Cederblad, 60, travels to his ancestral farm in the country to southern Scania. The retired teacher and connoisseurs beautiful flora, especially for Spring Awakening, examines here the silence in seclusion.

But what cruel sight awaits him when he stands before the barn door: an ensemble of torn body parts! Only the elegant custom-made shoes – brogues from Shoemaker “Hatter” (haha – there’s not) – are fully preserved; the plug-in them legs, however, are to the bone gnawed. Who does that? For Bertil no question: the badger. Who has to feed hunger and an extended family in his widely ramified construction.

As the animal days later housecleaning holds and everything useless simply beyond disposed of in the environment, will Bertil torn cloth, buttons and house keys.

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Against registered by the number of the owner is determined quickly: Christan Meier from Berlin. The familiar one: He is a successful, “a bit crazy”, “editor” “a newspaper that is read throughout Germany,” and among others because of its power posturing with his colleagues has suffered much. Last time was the “big shot” a conspiracy in the financial sector on the track.

The police are doing their most necessary duty – no more. but it is not their work, which we are pursuing, but a small, incapable applicable local journalist who firmly biting her in the case. Ronny, 49, sees himself as an “old, living on septic substances, with a wrinkled head, […] toxic”. Now his time has come, calls the responsibility! Because he had seen the dead with his noble, waxed to a shine shoes a few days before the murder of a gas station.

That’s it for now, in terms of voltage. While Ronny retains his knowledge nicely for themselves, we travel across the pond. On the pulse of indexes acts on Wall Street a very big one: Richard Grenier, head of “The Cloud Matters”, sells security systems in major banks. Now hackers have cracked his firewalls and placed over backdoor Trojan inconspicuous Excel files – and they are in possession of valuable customer data: passwords, bank accounts, credit agreements, collateral … The stock trading is in free fall. Grenies IT specialists can trace the tracks. The attackers sit with their servers in the Netherlands and Sweden, the land of Wikileaks and the likes.

While the worst-case scenario paves the sheer economic doomsday, raging in Sweden an all devastating storm. What we see through the same course as a classic symbol tattered, paradoxically Ronny fortunately case: In this roaring night he is who finally find fulfillment in his beloved, who could it beguiling Benigna, never land to date. But the disillusionment follows swiftly. Benigna gives him no hope for a sequel: “There are more important things in life”

For example, in the case of Meier.. The obtained after 200 pages banter around the mechanisms of the financial world to counter movements toward a world beyond capitalism to several deaths on the door nailed cat, car jacking and IKEA furniture back buoyancy by which initially his missing luxury BMW from a drainage ditch welling up. finally, all correlations are explained in a conversation between Ronny and Benigna, as once in Agatha Christie on the last 23 pages, and it raises among others out that the alleged murderer does not a murderer, but a good man.

But that is not at all. For just as this novel and comes disguised as “swedish” the author as “Per Johansson,” the detective story is about the brutal convey how mutilated in Mankell’s body only as bait to something greater – perhaps criticism of capitalism, or warning before the raging global computer networks or the opaque machinations of speculators or well, you know. In any case, the authors build a fairly complex web of power brokers in their shady deals, the German chief editor as a kind of windfall profit must bite the dust.

The message ahn I probably but lack of insight. The concern is not new and has been repeatedly made fictional with success. But here the authors remain but rather on the verbal surface as jumbled, although the relevant relevant terms, but depth they have little impact, as well as the thriller plot voltage generated

What is the function then actually the obvious only insufficient allusive personal attack of the authors on a real journalist colleagues? Behind this is probably actually personal revenge from profound disagreements. Thomas Steinfeld worked since 1994 in the FAZ under publisher Frank Schirrmacher, first as an editor and then as Head of Literature; 2001 came the break, and he moved to the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Steinfeld knows Schirrmacher well – and Orhan Pamuk, whose enthusiastic judgment ( “best and smartest detective story”) the cover sheet.

For insiders camouflage when Sweden crime was so transparent that one must assume, its soon flying up was intentional. All in all, to stimulate the whole thing is nothing but a marketing coup to the attention of the difficult market. So a shot can sometimes even vigorously backfire, because not every book buyer wants to be taken for fools. At the end of the gag is not only busted, but also the only average quality of the book.

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