The Role of Brutus in Julius Caesar, a Play by William Shakespeare

The conspirators are morally right in wanting to assassinate Caesar. They saw him as a threat to the well-being of democratic Rome, as he was a dictator. One may ask why they couldn’t have done something other than kill him. Any legal actions, such as arrest or a court case, would fail, as Caesar ruled over all functions of the government. Death is a powerful statement in making change. Were the colonists morally wrong in “biting the hand that fed them” by revolting against the strict rule of England? No, because it resulted in a better system for the people in general.

Had the conspirator’s plans worked out, they would’ve been doing the same thing, It is morally right to give up the life of a few in order to improve life for the many.

Why should Caesar’s life be valued over that of anyone else’s? You must kill a weed to let flowers grow. Their intentions were to lead Rome to success and equality, and they only found that possible with Caesar out of the way, The prevailing theme of Julius Caesar is Sacrifice The idea and practice of sacrifice is evident in many forms throughout the play.

Brutus must sacrifice his friends for his values. He makes the choice to kill Julius Caesar because it is the necessary price to pay for the well-being of Democratic Rome as a whole. He also sacrifices himself, running into a sword, in the name of honor. He “loves the name of honor more than (he) fears death.

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The conspirators sacrifice the security of having Antony dead for the better expected response of the Roman people. Letting Antony live was bad for them because it allowed for Antony to speak out against the conspirators. However, this sacrifice was thought to be worth the price of his speech, because killing him would result in even more anger and misunderstanding from the Roman people. Julius Caesar sacrifices his own well-being for his presence and authority as a governing figure. He was warned by his wife, and a soothsayer, to stay home from Senate on March 15th . He made a commitment to the Senators, and did not want to present himself as someone who is scared off by foolishness, so he stopped questioning his safety in order to attend the meeting

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