The Corruption Caused by Power in Julius Caesar a Play by William Shakespeare

The Theme that i chosen forjulius caesar’s play is “Power Corrupts People”. All throughout the play this theme really plays a big role and you can tell by the actions these characters are performing, The conflict of the play really relates to the theme, Basically in this play the conspirators want power so their plan was to kill julius caesar to “free rome” but once they are considered “rulers” brutus and cassius have to find a way to divide the power and not fight against each other.

They have to fight against octavius and antony‘s army for the complete power of rome. It seems to the conspirators in the play that julius caesar is headed for overall power of rome. Julius caesar becomes a threat to the importance and values of the roman republic In other words “He Is kicked off his throne”. They kill caesar before he was crowned king. The irony is that caesar’s death results in a civil war between two armies.

This is where the conflict is built and the true side of characters is shown. We learn that cassius is gathering people to go against and fight against caesar. To go on with his plan, Cassius must convince brutus to join his plot in order for his plan to work. Cassius has been trying to convince Brutus to go against caesar by saying that Brutus is better than Caesar, Brutus doesn’t listen to this and is persuaded by the fact that Rome must be better off without Caesar alone, Brutus receives a fake letter saying things in Rome are bad and he’s the only one that can do anything about it.

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Personally i think the strongest quote in his play was from julius caesar himself. “Et tu Brutus”.

This quote relates to the theme because once julius caesar gained power and was abusing his power his own people betray him because he changed . “Power corrupted him.” Julius Caesar trusts Brutus. Brutus betrays Julius by helping and making plans with the conspirators and then later he was one of the important people working together to murder caesar. Once Julius caesar is murdered and brutus and cassius is held accountable they need to work together to be the new “leaders”. But they did not know that antony was working againts them, Antony was really wise with his words when he was talking to the roman people. His figurative language really swayed the people and the people was on his side and they were against the conspirators.

Once he became a trusted leader his true side really showed. antony’s plan was to keep some of the things in caesar’s will instead of giving it to the people. Once antony had power he changed into a different person. He turned into a evil and selfish person. “Power corrupted him.” This theme develops more in this story when more conflict happens. The more power someone gets the more they changed in this play. Power was the reason behind brutus and cassius death. If they did not wrong Caesar and murder him they would still be alive. Reading this play i learned a lot about people and how they act once they get certain advantages and bonuses. This theme not only relates to the play but to real life too. People would do anything for power and money. If it is something that you desire you will do anything and everything to get it

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