The Reasons Behind I Want To Advocacy The Trees

Do you know what it feels like if you lost your loved ones especially your family? It feels like you can’t breathe, and you can’t live your life without them. Our family is important to us similarly to how trees are important to us too. Because trees release oxygen so we can live our life like the love and care of our family that gives us the energy to overcome many obstacles we face in our daily lives. The reason behind I want to advocacy the trees especially Arroceros Forest Park because we are so in debt to them by giving us oxygen in our daily lives but in return, we would just destroy them so we can construct more building rather than helping to save and preserve them.

According to, there are 2 benefits in Arroceros Forest Park. First, Ecological Benefit because it houses a total of 152 different kinds of plants and it includes 2 trees Molave and Narra that is considered endangered species, also it is the habitat of 6 different kind of bird species and the oxygen the park releases help the fireflies to live and grow even in the city of Manila.

Second, Health Benefit because the oxygen it provides help to balance the air in the city, also according to the Air Quality Data that the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, stated the air quality index in Manila is 81 and it is almost reaching to the level that is harmful to children and people who have respiratory diseases if the air quality index will reach to 101.

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The information I stated a while ago shows how important they are in our life. Based on and in general without them we would face hardship like ecosystem collapse because trees help to push tons of water to the atmosphere in which it will form as a rain, also trees help us to fight climate change, prevent water pollution and soil erosion, conserve energy and many more. That’s why I introduced to you The Arroceros Forest Park

When you enter the forest park, it feels like you teleported from the city of Manila to a forest or to a distant province, also because there are more trees and plants the air is clean and cooler this is according to Moreover, especially by being there you will feel stress-free, you will be more relaxed mentally and physically, also you can hear the chirp of different kind of bird species that is soothing to the ears who heard it and its beauty is so enchanting. So, everyone in here, I would like your help to sign a petition in help save the last forest park of Manila: The Arroceros Forest Park.

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