The Punishment for Curiosity in the Myth of Pandoras Box

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Pandora’s Box Allusion

Pandora was the first woman on Earth; She was made by the Gods as a punishment to mankind. When Pandora was created, the Gods gave her a box containing special “gifts” that she was told never to open. Eventually, her curiosity got the best of her and she opened the box, and all the illnesses and hardships that the Gods stowed away in there were released upon the world. Seeing all this evil come out, Pandora tried to close the box as quickly as possible, to which she trapped Hope inside.

This was supposedly Zeus’ will; He wanted to show people they would suf fer if they disobeyed their Gods.

Pandora, being the first woman on Earth, is held accountable for all of Earth’s misfor tunes. This itself alludes to the story of Adam and Eve, and how Eve was the first to give in to temptation and bring sin upon the entire world. This story also shows how the Gods do not take lightly to being disobeyed; All of them, especially Zeus, lash out by bringing all disease, hard ship, and any other horrible thing to the world while trapping in hope.

They sent Pandora to Earth because they knew her curiosity would inevitably drive her to open the box, even though she was specifically not to.

Pandora’s curiosity shows the predictability of the humans to the Gods, and how this cu riosity will always get the best of them and cause destruction in its wake.

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I think that this story is trying to show how a person should listen and do what they are told to do, nothing more and nothing less. However, I think that this story is also showing the underlying fact that humans do not always do what they are told, and always resort to doing what is most beneficial for them and/or what they simply wish to do.

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