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One of the people who has influenced me through many ways. Tanmay Bakshi is not a big political, scientific figure yet, but probably will not be less than other. Tanmay is the chief executive of Artificial Intelligence in IBM (International Business Machine). Bakshi is one of my relatives who lives in San Antonio, Texas. He was a brilliant kid even when he was in kinder garden period. He started calculating from Abacus when he was four years old. His father, Puneet Bakshi is also a computer programmer at Cincinnati Technical Lab.

Tanay says, “I have been watching and familiar with all this stuff from my childhood, so I like to spend time on it.”

Tanmay is one the few kids who has been nominated by the Brilliant Brains for nine times for the excellency in artificial intelligence. Not only that, he has a dream to make a software by which we humans can take over any mechanical products through finger print scanning to get it approved.

I have learned that through challenging work and strong determination people can achieve anything and everything in life, but they need proper planning as well.

Tanmay was five years of old when he was pinched to programming. He used to look at his father’ computer screen and used to be curious about how his name would appear on it. That is when his curiosity took another level. With all the questions in his head about programming, he started getting helped by his father to solve the questions.

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Even from my personal view, I can say that Tanmay is very lucky to have such parents who supports their child to reach out their dream. In the context of South Asian countries, children of his age would be focusing on other childish stuff but, he was different. That is why he is the youngest app designer in the world.

He is inspirational to me in diverse ways. I have seen him managing his time making schedule for every week. He always wanted more and worked for it. In 2014, he got his first appearance in media when he was selected as an artificial intelligence executive officer. After that he has been like the star in artificial intelligence. Many companies would come to him to offer different scales of salary, but he is also a kind of person who wants to work for himself and for the wellbeing of human. When he was five, he first started his journey by watching his father doing all this stuff and he was really fascinated by it. So, that is when his curiosity started taking place and he wanted to learn more about it. People should learn that curiosity is the key to success as it makes you curious to learn more and more. If every person on the planet work hard to get what they want, then there is no doubt about failure, but people also should learn that failure is the process which will inspire us not to repeat the same mistake again and again. In 2012, he went through a spinal uppermost cancer where he could hardly move his finger, but he did not stop coding.

Ever though he had so many problems going on, he never stopped believing in himself. His desired of learning and curiosity took him to next level. He did not want programming to be limited in only one sector. He wanted to collaborate technology in healthcare sector too. According to his founding, “artificial neural networks are really useful in the healthcare area”, (How this self-taught 14-year-old kid became an Al expert in IBM). It is easy to make a problem in healthcare system. To prevent such mistakes Al can be use to store such data which can solve trial and error in healthcare system. His concerned toward health sector is valuable. On his involvement project like Cognitive Story is making a difference in humans’ life. On his project there is a quadriplegic girl named Boo who cannot communicate anything. The team is making a device which can scan her brain waves. His profound algorithm could be used to study the brain surfs and curved them into natural language. His contribution like this has changed many people lives today.

His life always has been an inspiration to me because his tendency has taught me to react with the challenges properly. Where there is arduous work, there is success, where there is success, there is sacrifice because of all the hard work to pursue it and all the pain that you had to go through. Humans life is full of ups and down. It is like a rollercoaster. From Tanmay’ life story what I have learned is curiosity is the key to success. Tanmay is the live example of curiosities which led him to be successful in such an early age. He did master in algorithm and he is using his talents to make a positive change in human’ life. People like Tanmay has influenced so many lives. People should focus on the thing they have interest on. Practice is what we need to make our dream come true. Stories like this has impacted so many people to be something. If you aim high, then no matter what you will stand at top. There might be many obstacles and all the hurdle on the way, but you will find a way. Algorithm is the whole new world which can be used in different sector of human life which can make life more convenient and easier.

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