The Pros and Cons of Playing Volleyball

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There are lots of pros and cons with playing on a volleyball team. I have been playing volleyball for four years. One pro to playing volleyball is that you become very close with your teammates and coaches, and make lots of new friends during volleyball. One con is that volleyball is a lot of hard work and you have to have determination. And you have to stay positive and you can’t give up. What is Volleyball? What is volleyball? Volleyball is a sport played with a volleyball and a net.

“It was designed as an indoor sport for businessmen who found the new game of basketball too vigorous”  You can bump, set, or spike the ball. But, to begin a play you have to serve. There are two types of serves. One is called an overhand serve, and the other is called and underhand serve. An overhand serve is when you throw the ball up and hit it with your hand opened.

An underhand serve is when you hold the ball and swing your arm and hit the ball with your hand closed. There are six players on each side of the court.

During a game, the first team to twenty-five points with a two point advantage wins. “​The game is played on a smooth-surfaced court nine metres (30 feet) wide by eighteen metres (60 feet) long, divided by a centre line into two equal areas, one of which is selected by or assigned to each of the two competing teams.”  The players also can’t touch the net or else it is a penalty.

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​Volleyball also doesn’t require much gear, all you need is knee pads, volleyball shoes, and spandex. A pro to playing volleyball is that you become very close with your teammates and coaches, which makes you play better. When playing on a team with someone for years you guys form a bond that will most likely last forever. No matter what happens during the game you guys always have each others back, if you make a mistake, your teammates build you up and tell you to shake it off. Things like this are what makes the game worth playing, a sport is no fun if you don’t have any friends.

“​Coaching. At times it can be like parenting, at other times it is like being best friends, but the key to a successful player and coach relationship is succeeding at the fine line between the two. A coach has to know when to push a player and when to laugh and be supportive. When the relationship is built in this manner, trust exists; and that leads to a bond, a friendship and a desired level of success.”  ​And your coaches also lift you up and basically tell you its ok. But, they also tell you what you did wrong and help you to fix it so that you don’t make that mistake again. Your coaches become more than a coach, they become your friend too. “ ​As a teammate, remember three tips to assist you and your team in succeeding and reaching desired success. ​Rather on the court or off, be on the same page. Understand each others tendencies and needs to where you can predict behavior and act as a cohesive unit on the court or in the sand.

Hard work- Every athlete should work hard. Rather you are Misty May or playing the game for the first time, hard work and determination will assist you as a player, but more than anything, help you gain the respect of your peers and lead to them working at the same level.Have fun, be determined- As athletes, we all know that the term ‘it’s just a game’, usually does not hit home. If it was, what would be the point of practicing hard and having a true drive for competition? But what is vital, is to understand the need to smile, have fun and still be determined to a point where your team is not just close in a match, but they are a family each day of every week.​” The closer you are with your teammates the better you will play. Would you rather play with your enemies and strangers, or some of your best friends. A con to playing volleyball is that it is a lot of hard work and you have to have lot of determination.

Anybody can bump a ball, but, it takes a lot of hard work to be able to make the ball not go crazy and go straight. Also, it takes a lot to get a serve over. You have to have skill and you can’t ever give up. It’s going to be hard at first but it will get easier. ​“​Serving is not an isolated skill. Disperse serving drills thru out your practice as that mimics how serving is constructed in a game. Examples are: play out a point then go and serve; being tired and having to go serve, subbing in and having to serve. Find ways to reproduce game-like situations, and serving will be a strong reliable weapon within your entire game plan.” Also, not everybody can jump up and spike a ball down. It takes a lot of coordination and you have to think about a lot of things while doing so. You have to think about if your gonna hit the net, if the ball is gonna go in or out, and whether you should even spike the ball or just tip it or bump it. If it was easy everybody would play it. You have to keep a good attitude and always bring your teammates up which may be hard sometimes.


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