The Pet Relief Trailer in Disasters

Mother Nature is a beautiful thing; it’s a serene, calming and peaceful place to be. Rivers, lakes and oceans, providing a sense of shelter, and a home to million species of animals, and a place filled with valleys, mountains, deserts, and beautiful forests, and in the middle of it all, we made a community with billions of people and billions of animals we call our pets. But Mother Nature has a dark side. In an instant your shelter, your sanctuary, your peace of mind can all be ripped away by Mother Nature; Floods, Tornados, Hurricanes, Wildfires, and Blizzards.

More times than not you are warned and told to evacuate if there is a huge natural disaster occurring. But there is one catch. Your pet cannot come with you, due to that they are not seen as a priority. Many animals end up being left behind and dying due to starvation, or die from the disaster.

Many people make dangerously impulsive decisions to go into the natural disaster area during a storm, and thus risking their lives to save their pets, it may sound like a heroic act, but to others it may sound stupid.

But the families would not be only losing a pet, but also losing a family member.

Luckily, many families can rest assured if they must leave their pet behind, and also don’t have to worry about people making irrational decisions and going into the pit of a storm, due to the fact that they are not allowed to bring them, that their pets will hopefully be rescued.

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Thanks to the American Kennel Club there is a mobile trailer, The Pet Disaster Relief Trailer, which will help contain and transport animals and hold them for families in the disaster. The trailer will be held at the Cass County 4-H Extension Office in the lower level, with the Emergency Management Center. The trailer when filled with animals will be given to emergency personal who will provide a co-location or a lost-and-found animal shelter.

The Pet Disaster Relief trailer contains many essential objects for holding and taking care of animals. The trailer contains enough space on the inside to hold 65 animals, it also has lighting and is wired to be run by a generator or 110 v Power Supply. The trailer contains fundamental supplies for animals, for example, kennels, pet carriers, bowls, collars and leashes, microchips, microchip scanners, and much more.

Funding and fundraising are going to be a big part in this project, I will need to go through a few of 4-H clubs, I also have multiple people saying they will help with funding and setting up fundraisers. The Trailers cause $22,000 all together; we will need to raise around $12,000 dollars to start achieving this trailer. Currently the only disaster trailers close to our state are Wyoming and Colorado. They have been given donated trailers, due to fundraising. Hopefully raising $12,000 for this trailer will only take around 15-18 months.

This is going to be a long, hard, and timely ordeal, but in the end it will not only benefit me, it will benefit so many people and it will benefit so many pets that are abandoned in the event of a storm. It would be best for Cass County to fund this trailer due to the fact that Nebraska is a very large possibility of tornados, and flash floods. This will benefit everyone in the community and every emergency agency needs one of these trailers.

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